Thoughts on #Charlottesville

Yesterday’s ah…to-do in Charlottesville was supposed to be a “turning point” for the alt-Right – and indeed it has been, just not in a way anyone expected. The rally, or attempt thereof, essentially broke the state of Virginia and caused a mass meltdown across the globe. It is incredible to think that such a rally is happened now, when even two years ago, this type of event would have been unthinkable.

Times are indeed changing, and rapidly: the Left, which was preparing to exult in its self-coronation of Hillary Clinton, had a wrench thrown in its plan for world domination due to the election of Donald Trump. They did not realize, and still do not realize, that the System they created is extraordinarily fragile, and is now starting to crack apart. #Charlottesville is simply more evidence that this crack-up will continue. The fruits of ‘diversity’ will be reaped; the country itself may dissolve; but in this crucible will be born (we hope) something entirely new.

That being said, here are some things the alt-Right should keep in mind for future endeavors in political activism:

First, you can’t trust the police. It was sheer folly to assume, as Southern nationalist Hunter Wallace did, that the Rightists could assemble unarmed, and they would receive police protection from Antifa and other assorted Leftist freaks. In fact, what were they thinking?

Answer: they weren’t. They knew full well going in that Charlottesville is a university town, controlled by a far-Left mayor and angry black vice-mayor. They knew that Antifa is an inherently violent organization. They knew that unconstitutional actions would likely be pursued against them by the city administration.

So what did they do? They showed up unarmed, were promptly injured, and then driven out of town. Then – bizarrely – they channeled the cuckservative refrain on ‘double standards’ when this occurred. Double standards were to be anticipated; are the alt-Right’s leaders really this naive?

The police in any city, as evidenced by the Berkeley debacle last spring, serve as foot-soldiers for the local elite. They do as they are bidden. The police themselves were not on Antifa’s side, nor the mayor’s, nor the governor’s: they were told to do their job – albeit an unethical one – and they did it.

The IQ threshold at which one begins to question and disobey orders is 115. As has been documented, police departments regularly screen out high-IQ individuals to enforce conformity and obedience. This is a difficult pill for many to swallow; after all, we Rightists believe in law and order. But we must accept that for all their virtue-signaling against ‘racist pigs,’ the Left is perfectly willing to utilize the power of the State to enforce its will. If one cannot grasp this elementary fact about the Left, one should not be leading the resistance to the same.

Second, Nazis just PLEASE GO AWAY. I guess I’m a cuck, then, but the whole ‘1488’ thing has to go. One can be a National Socialist without adopting the regalia of 80 years past. Besides the fact that the swastika has nothing to do with the Confederate flag, Nazism generally creeps people out – and for good reason, considering that it was a movement filled with pagans and homosexuals. It is an ideology that has nothing to do with America, and fruitless attempts to ‘redeem’ it make its adherents look only more foolish.

As was seen at many Trump rallies last year, Leftists frequently get a (sexual?) thrill out of dressing up as Nazis or Klansmen, and over-enthusiastically throwing up Roman salutes to ‘prove a point.’ If this type of behavior is seen at civic nationalist rallies, how much more is it likely to be seen at an actual nationalist rally?

The Federal Government is also more concerned about ‘right-wingers’ than it is about real threats (i.e., anarcho-communists and Muslims). They, too, like to infiltrate Rightist groups, and push them to extremity. Mike Cernovich was certainly wrong about Richard Spencer being a Federal agent – but that doesn’t mean the threat is still there. Which brings me to my next point…

Third, Richard Spencer is not our best leader. Spencer is a fascinating character: I agree with 95 percent of what he says, but the remaining five percent is generally off the rails. Nevertheless, he is obviously a visionary and deeply insightful: I would like to meet him someday, and I wish him success.

That being said, vision does not equate with leadership. Spencer appears to want to make himself the Father of the Movement, or the MLK for white people, or something. Besides being self-aggrandizing, this attitude of a single leader might not be the best for the burgeoning Right, which ideally should thrive on unity amidst diversity – the good kind, that is. We should be Legion in fighting evil, not merely one; we should be a hydra with many heads, not a body with one figurehead. If one of us falls, three more should take that one’s place.

Furthermore, at both Charlottesville and his now-infamous event back in November, Spencer allowed the ah…bizarre (see above) elements to set the Narrative for both. Of course we would be called Nazis anyway – but why attempt to prove that point? He seeks to emulate President Trump in his ‘all news is good news’ attention-seeking – but the truth is, Trump is a man in a million and can pull it off; Spencer can’t. Indeed, the loathsome Hillary Clinton probably drew more positive attention to the alt-Right in her rant about racist frogs last year, then Spencer did with his (albeit ironic) Fascistic recreation.

Spencer’s lack of preparedness (see point 1) is also a further indictment against his current leadership ability. Perhaps he will learn and improve – who knows? For the time being, though, he is a fine writer, an excellent editor of, and his Charlottesville Statement should be endorsed by all in the movement. Perhaps his talents are better served in these capacities.

There are plenty of other issues I could bring up: I could talk about the endless name-calling, the exaggerated black-pilling, and the unhealthy mixture of euphoria and despair that seems to be all to common to people in our movement. But I will refrain: neo-nationalism is nascent, and these attributes of the movement and its people are to be expected.

What should not discourage us, however, is the ‘one step forward, two steps backward’ approach that occurs whenever change is being implemented. The Left is naturally very familiar with this of mantra, and Leftists use it to comfort each other. “Progress is slow, and change takes time!” they say. Who ever thought the Left would have wisdom? But it seems, at least in this circumstance, as though they do.

Many nationalists are upset that Trump has not changed everything overnight since assuming office. For God’s sake, give the man time. He has to overcome decades and decades of governmental malpractice; to expect that he will do everything he promised in six months and change the culture entirely is delusional. We cannot fall into the Leftist mindset of fortune being handed to us on a silver platter; Trump is not our savior. Only we, with God’s help, can perform that role.



One thought on “Thoughts on #Charlottesville

  1. I didn’t know they screened out high IQ cops like that. I agree with most of what you wrote. There seems to be a kind of chaos taking over the alt-right, and I think it might be because we’re going too fast. Spencer wants to organize rallies and bring out hundreds of people, but we don’t yet have hundreds of our own people capable of being brought out yet… so he relies on gathering these disparate groups that end up giving us bad optics. Maybe we should slow down and focus on quality over quantity. Our ideas are gaining steam… why blow our chance by being to hasty?


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