The great stumbling block

There is one issue that we are not allowed to talk about today, and that is race and immigration. (Of course, this dictum is handed down to us by our liberal overlords, but we on the alt-Right choose to ignore it.)

Ann Coulter noticed this too, in her work Adios, America!, which served as the direct inspiration for President Trump’s immigration policy. On all other issues – even gay marriage! – there are allowed to be two sides. When it comes to immigration and all that this implies, however, those that frankly discuss this topic are hounded from society.

This is the way it has been in Western society since the end of the Second World War; this is the very topic that cucked the Conservative Movement. President Trump is not even an ethnonationalist, but when he described “Mexican rapists” wreaking havoc on American society, he was automatically and unabashedly demonized, and the demonization of him continues today.

This demonization was and is a result of the (very strong) implicitly racial undertones of his now-infamous speech: it’s not white Americans doing the raping. The scientific acknowledgement of racial differences – in intelligence, in personality traits, in criminal behaviors – is one of the principal ideological bases for the alt-Right.

Why, however, is this the case? Why is race the issue that everything boils down to? I offer no answers, but it is curious how the alt-Right’s promotion of race is directly tied to traditionalism. Some in the alt-Right are Constitutionalists; others are monarchists. Some are socialists; others anti-government libertarians. Yet we all advocate for a ‘return to normalcy,’ a return to a society founded on tradition, reason, and truth.

It didn’t have to be this way: after all, we simply could have promoted the knowledge of racial differences and racial identity, and still rushed full speed ahead on the engine of Progress. But the fact that the acceptance of Tradition has become inextricably linked racial realism and racial identity is very telling. It is also curious that those who deny the existence or importance of race – such as the now-defunct Conservative Movement – inevitably fall into Leftist apostasy.

Race, then, is the great stumbling block of our time. Societies (and individuals) who see the block in front of them, but stumble over it, will fall and be doomed; but those societies who manage to walk over the block successfully, and then use it as the foundation and cornerstone of their social structure, will find harmony and peace.



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