The bitter fruits of Russell Moore

This blog post’s title is “The bitter fruits of Russell Moore,” but a good alternate would be, “What happens when you have a George Soros plant effectively running a church.”

The last major bulwark against the liberal-Marxist agenda collapsed yesterday at the Southern Baptists’ annual convention. After originally stalling on the issue, the Convention adopted a resolution to condemn the ‘white supremacist’ alt-Right.

This is a great tragedy. Now there is not a single prominent church body in the United States that has not been co-opted by the Left. The faithful of every denomination who do not subscribe to the Leftist agenda – even if they are not (yet) alt-Rightists – are effectively on their own, up against a hostile body of Pharisees and Sadducees conspiring to put Western civilization to death.

There is one thing I have noticed about leadership in bodies, whether they be religious, political or otherwise: their inevitable decline is not a result of their membership, but of their leaders. Corruption begins at the highest ranks; the rot starts at the top, one might say.

Russell Moore is the rot at the top of the Southern Baptist Convention, and this evil man is destroying the Church from within. Though not the president of the denomination, he is arguably the most powerful individual therein. The results of his influence have been catastrophic. Baptisms and church membership among the Baptists have declined dramatically; it is only a matter of time before the SBC becomes the new ELCA, my denomination (though who knows for how much longer?).

I suspect most Baptists have a vague sense of unease about Moore, though they cannot put a finger on what it is that bothers them about him. When he nearly lost his job this spring, a sympathetic media tried to portray it as a hostile reaction to his condemnation of Trump. The Trump-bashing was only a symptom of the deeper problem; namely, that Moore is first and foremost a Democratic politician rather than a pastor, and a Leftist rather than a Christian.

Moore displays a deep sense of shame about his origins: his Southern heritage, the ‘racial injustice’ of his youth, and Evangelical Christianity in general. Certainly one can critique the South, Southern expressions of Christianity, and segregation laws. But one’s political stance on the South generally indicates one’s political temperament, as the South is the most reactionary area of the country. Moore fails this basic test of conservatism.

Under Moore’s watch, the Gospel has taken a back seat to the Social Gospel and the agenda of ‘social justice.’ The demonic spirit of feminism has infiltrated the SBC’s new Bible translation, which adds the feminine noun and pronoun where it never was before. Despite its promoters’ claims to the contrary, this manipulation flies in the face of those who painstakingly translated the Bible from the original languages, and risked their lives to deliver it to the common man. Moore himself has promoted the construction of a mosque, a temple of the false religion of Islam, in the name of ‘religious freedom’ – a concept that was originally to apply to Christians only. And while so far he has opposed same-sex ‘marriage,’ abortion, and other sexual degeneracy, he also displays a disturbing willingness to be ‘compassionate’ on these issues. These are only a few of the train of abuses Moore has promoted against the Church – and yet blind dolts like Rod Dreher still consider him to be a ‘conservative’ hero, if not a friend.

The SBC once flirted with liberalism in the past, but quickly reversed course and became a stalwart of conservatism. That has now all been lost. It appears increasingly likely that the Church in America will be destroyed entirely before God allows it to be rebuilt, and Moore, his social-justice agenda, and the SBC are some of its last dominoes to fall.



One thought on “The bitter fruits of Russell Moore

  1. I’m increasingly starting to believe God has just abandoned Christianity in America… he’s letting it collapse. I’m sure he still works in the lives of individuals, but it’s like he wants America to fall and letting the church leaders be corrupted is one way to accelerate the collapse. Maybe God is an Accelerationist.


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