The alt-right, one year later

It’s been about a year since I began to devote serious thought and exploration to the alternative Right, and so in that vein, I’d like to share a few of my observations and reflections on what so far is the most dynamic political and cultural force of the 21st century.

First, the alt-right is young. I attend one of the most conservative public universities in the country, and even there, the shroud of cultural Marxism hangs over it like a miasma. In the past year, I’ve encountered anti-white bigotry, endless ‘DIVERSITY’ propaganda, mass anti-Trump protests, and a general sense of extreme hedonism – bad to begin with, but certainly aided and abetted by socially liberal and weak-willed faculty, administration, and SJW-compromised Greek system.

My university’s chapter of the College Republicans is currently dominated by Northern and West Coast cucks, several of whom couldn’t even bring themselves to vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. The campus Episcopal church I currently attend is filled with lovely people, fine music, and a sense of community – yet they can’t help but preach anything but the Social Gospel, not the Gospel of Christ, and it shows.

But there is an awakening amidst the Swamp, so to speak. One of the benefits I have gained so far from attending a secular, hedonistic, godless institution is that the Right-wing stars therein shine all the brighter. So brightly, in fact, that practically every Rightist I have met – who isn’t a cuck, that is – are hard-core alt-Rightists: fans of Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, et. al. (and even MILO, for that matter). I’ve even met – gasp – a self-identified Fascist who belongs to Identity Europa. Scratch the surface of a ‘conservative’ who regularly attends College Republicans and cucked YAF at [university name redacted], and a full-fledged alt-Rightist lies beneath.

The benefits and cons of white nationalism and ethnic pride are often discussed amongst us, not tax policy and false equality narratives. It’s kind of fun, in a way: it makes it easy to see why Leftists derive a continual sense of enjoyment from being the ‘Resistance.’ We, of course, are the actual Resistance, fighting in our own small way for our people, our liberties, and our culture.

Of course, most students are generally politically apathetic. With the demise of the Conservative Movement, however, there appears to be real hunger for the alt-Right message, even if such longings are vague and undefined. The Gospel of Kek will go forth in one way or another, and it will triumph, considering the alt-Right provides the only logical historical, philosophical, anthropological, scientific, and religious framework for creating healthy and stable societies.

The alt-Right is a movement by the young, for the young. Most within it, as noted before by others, appear to cluster around the mean age of 20. This perhaps explains a key difference between the alt-Right and the alt-lite (civic nationalists, who are of an older mean age): due to our youth, alt-Rightists simply haven’t been exposed to as much egalitarian propaganda as older generations. We have not had as much time to be brainwashed, as someone like MILO, Mike Cernovich, Lauren Southern, or Paul Joseph Watson has – all of whom are approximately 30 years old.

Nevertheless, the anti-white, egalitarian brainwashing we have experienced has been intense enough, especially under the Obama Presidency, that we have had no choice but to migrate to alternative Rightism. Older generations have grown accustomed to this propaganda, as they have been told merely to ‘integrate’ and ‘celebrate diversity.’ We have been told these too – but also much, much worse.

Second, Christianity is doomed. Only a literal miracle can save it. I’m dead serious. If there’s not an event of Biblical proportions to reawaken Christians, we’re toast.

I’ve come down with some harshness on pagan/atheist alt-Rightists in the past, but I see now in retrospect this criticism was perhaps undue. Christianity is in such a dreadful state that I am not surprised in the least people would feel the need to turn to pagan or secular mythology to find a sense of direction and purpose for their personal lives, as well as the general spiritual life of their people.

Simply Google ‘alt-right Christian,’ and one is immediately deluged with countless denunciations of the alt-Right from not only liberal, but conservative, religious leaders in both the Protestant denominations and Catholicism. Some of these conservative leaders are wolves in sheep’s clothing; others are doubtless well-meaning but dense. All of them are Baby Boomers (surprise!). Considering how then-candidate Trump was treated by conservatives in the political sphere, it should not startle us, then, that this movement which supports (?) him would be treated likewise in the religious sphere.

I wish I could say there is a thriving, underground current of reactionary Christians – but there just isn’t. There are some excellent websites – Faith & Heritage is a bastion of reactionary Calvinism, and Rorate Caeli of traditionalist Catholicism – but the former is essentially isolated from the rest of Protestantism, and the latter appears to be fighting a losing battle against the loathsome Pope Francis. Such is the price we pay for living in a secular age.

It doesn’t surprise me, either, that Islam has gained a strange respect amongst certain factions of the alt-Right, as the ‘white sharia’ meme indicates. I do not support Islam, and regard it as wicked and barbaric. Nonetheless, it is reactionary, and will be a far more harsh taskmaster of morality than Christianity ever was if Leftists have their way with mass-importation schemes (which, so far, they have been successful with).

Third, liberals ARE the real racists. Yes, they really are, and every alt-Rightist knows it. Even by their own ever-shifting and constantly changing definition of ‘racism,’ Leftists manage to exude it against whites all the time. With their army composed of shock troops (blacks), commanders (secular Jews/globalists/elite whites), and infantry (journalists), liberals have crafted a narrative of racial bedevilment that puts Mussolini to shame. Unfortunately, this ‘real’ racism has borne real fruit.

Finally, conservatives are still losers. After pretending to embrace Trump following the election, cucks’ true colors showed when their calls for Trump’s impeachment last week rang the loudest. They don’t even believe in their own ‘principles,’ as the Ann Coulter debacle at Berkley made clear. Self-proclaimed ‘conservatives’ who trumpet that ideological label are moderate Leftists, and self-proclaimed Leftists recognize this as such.

These are the hard-core cucks, financed by the capitalist Left and in bed with Leftist leaders, believing in Leftist ideas that would have made Herbert Marcuse blush. They must be defeated at all costs. I thought they were dead once – but like a zombie that refuses to die or a many-headed hydra, they just keep coming back.

There is another sort of cuck I previously mentioned – the kind that voted for Trump. These are civic nationalists, and, unlike the former category, are generally good and decent people. Most of them also are Baby Boomers (think Bill Mitchell and Sean Hannity), so while they have received some alt-Right philosophical influence, their ideas at their later stage in life are unlikely to drastically change. I commend them heartily for voting for Trump, and they can provide useful arguments against the Left and the National Review-types. Nevertheless, their ideology is likewise futile, and will die with their generation.

Young Trump-supporting civic nationalists, however, will inevitably ‘come home’ to the alt-Right. I speak as one who did so. That is why I believe the alt-Right message will achieve the greatest success among conservatives: conservatives, after all, wish to conserve something. Why not an ethnic nation?

There alt-Right liberals, such as Counter-Currents’ Greg Johnson, who likely believe (though I could be mistaken) that alt-Rightism will find greater acceptance among certain quarters of the Left than the Conservative Movement. While this would be a great benefit to the nationalist cause, I see this potential liberal migration as highly unlikely, at least for the time being. The Left is in full Trotskyist-globalist mode right now, and either implicitly or explicitly supporting the efforts of the ‘antifascists.’ How they are ever to make the shift to nationalism seems quite unclear at this time.

The alt-Right to me has become a kind of extended family, a family filled like any other with infighting, quarreling, and virtue-signaling. Yet I have found it to be a place of refuge, and, more importantly, the launch-pad for perhaps the greatest counter-revolution in human history. What more can one ask for?


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