The Deep State’s last stand

A year ago, I thought the fight couldn’t get any more intense – yet here we are. The miraculous victory of President Trump in the November election was but a prelude to the strife and death-grip battle he – and by extension we – are locked in with the so-called ‘Deep State.’

The Deep State – the military-industrial complex, the CIA, the Illuminati – are responsible for much of the world’s crime and wickedness that occurs in secret, and reaches to heaven (as was revealed in the latter days of the 2016 campaign). The wrath of the ‘Swamp’ is so terrible, and the wolves, snakes, and hideous birds that dwell within, that it can only be appeased by blood sacrifice: whether through ‘endless war,’ or the assassination of a lawfully-elected President of the world’s most powerful country.

Trump’s agenda, pursued so aggressively during his first six weeks in office, has been totally stalled. He (and we) are engaged in a spiritual struggle against the powers of wickedness that dwell in high places – per Ephesians chapter 6 – and until these dark principalities in both the natural and spiritual realms are overthrown, our cause is futile.

This is why it was both foolish and immature for a not-insignificant portion of the alt-Right to abandon Trump, following the extension of the DACA amnesty and Syria airstrike. An amnesty can be undone, assuming Trump survives the next three and a half years; and the Syria strike plainly revealed under whose influence Trump was acting.

And herein lies Trump’s great advantage: we know when he is being controlled, and when he is not. We know he is at war, whereas with previous Presidents and other political leaders from across the globe, we knew they were merely puppets: puppets of corporate evil, and its twin gods of Moloch and Mammon.

The battle with the Deep State and its empire of lies is the most important battle we fight right now, even more important than the immigration issue, and the revival of our ethnic and cultural identities. The latter are of great importance now, and of utmost importance in the long term; but until our battle for the very reins of government is won, we and the causes in which we believe will come to nothing.

Though the Left and the atheists and pagans of the alt-Right will not understand this, we can only counteract this great evil through the power of prayer. The crisis so long predicted nears its head: will the Right, and right, prevail over evil? Or will we all crash on the rocks of despair? The choice looms before us; it is ours to decide.

Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain. – Psalm 127:1


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