The nightmare of history

I have recently come under the impression, as have numerous others before me, that generally our individual lives do not matter. The collective mass of humanity exists as grains of sand on the seashore, or snowflakes on the mountain. Often our thoughts, our decisions, and our actions cause us to participate in the ‘gathering’ of an avalanche, so to speak. This we do with thousands, if not millions, of other snowflakes. We do not understand what the ‘end goal’ of our thoughts and actions are; we only know they are somehow undergirded by the titanic ‘Spirit of the Age,’ the Zeitgeist. (From a Christian or generally religious perspective, it seems likely that this metaphorical ‘spirit’ is, in fact, real.)

This is why, in these Last Days, why history appears to accelerate: the snowflakes are gathering, and the avalanche is building.

Simultaneously I subscribe to the ‘Great Man’ theory of history: that certain individuals are capable, through their courageous actions (though not always moral ones), of reversing the direction of the collective Zeitgeist itself. A Great Man may come once in a generation, if even that; and some are greater than others. Two Great Men who are alive and active today would be President Vladimir Putin of Russia, and President Donald Trump, the ‘God-Emperor,’ of the United States. The rise of these Great Men have marked an important transition in world history: we now live in a new Age, a new epoch of the human experience. (Is it any wonder why so many prophecies were made about these very years so many centuries ago?)

By no means, however, do I claim that humans are merely automatons or puppets, continually ‘oppressed’ by forces beyond our control (by ‘racism,’ ‘sexism,’ ‘xenophobia,’ etc.). Individual humans – at least from a non-Calvinist perspective – do have the power and the will to take control of their lives, and to make moral and rational decisions based on the eternal Laws of justice. But it should nonetheless be recognized that most of us are ‘breath on the wind,’ and that we will have inadvertently helped perpetuate some type of mass-movement during our lifetimes: even if this mass-movement is for ill, and even if our perpetuation of such was relatively small.

The two principal mass-movements throughout the course of History, and especially in recent times, have been of the Left and the Right. From these, all other mass-movements are derived: Jacobinism, Bolshevism, Marxist Leninism, Nazism, Fascism, liberalism, monarchism, etc. Curiously enough, some of these ideologies (most notably Nazism) combine aspects from the two.

Charles Upton, a contemporary Muslim scholar, writing for, identifies the Left with the so-called ‘Pole of Substance’ and the Feminine Principle; and identifies the Right with the so-called ‘Pole of Essence’ and the Masculine Principle. These ‘poles’ and principles underlie the cosmic order; and each cannot exist without the other.

Yet as God created Man to take headship over the Woman, and as Woman was created in Man’s image, so must the Right take prominence over the Left. If a society is to survive, Rightism must be the ideology that undergirds the whole enterprise. We, however, obviously live in a society that has thrown off the ‘patriarchy’ and replaced it with all other manner of abominations: suffice to say, we live in a society that is governed by the Pole of Substance. What better metaphor could describe all the materialism we witness around us, in the forms of crass consumerism, spiritual emptiness, and glorification of the carnal and degenerate?

Furthermore, as the Right has been identified with the Pole of Essence, we might view Rightism as a manifestation of striving ever upward, to achieve (or at least come closer to) the Platonic ‘Forms,’ the true nature of reality. This is why Rightism, even in its diluted state, is ‘in touch’ with reality; and why Leftism in its extreme state, dominated by materialism and emotionalism, is so bizarre.

Yet in the end, both of these ideologies, the noble Right and the degenerate Left, will work together to accomplish the destruction of humanity.

In the Book of Apocalypse, this polarization between and a false, imposed unity and various falsely absolutized distinctions is called  “Gog and Magog”—in the Qur’an,  “Yajuj and Majuj.” According to Apocalypse 20:7-8, “….when the thousand years are expired [the millennium during which the devil is bound, identified by Eastern Orthodox theologians as the church age], Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, and shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.” According to The Apocalypse of St. John: An Orthodox Commentary by Archbishop Averky of Jordanville, the meaning of Gog in Hebrew is “a gathering” or “one who gathers”, and of Magog “an exaltation” or “one who exalts”. “Exaltation” suggests the idea of transcendence as opposed to unity, “gathering” the idea of unity as opposed to transcendence. The implication, here, is that one of the deepest deceptions of Antichrist in the last days of the cycle will be to set these two integral aspects of the Absolute in opposition to each other in the collective mind, and on a global scale, in “the four quarters of the earth”. As for the economic and political expression of this barren Satanic polarity, the false cohesion of left-wing tyranny, as well as today’s global capitalism, would fall under Gog, while both the false hierarchicalism of right-wing tyranny and the violent absolutism of the various “tribal” separatist movements opposed to globalism, both ethnic and religious, would come under Magog. In terms of religion, those liberal, historicist, evolutionist, quasi-materialist and crypto-Pagan theologies which emphasize God’s immanence as opposed to His transcendence are part of Gog, while those reactionary theologies which exalt transcendence over immanence, look on the material world as a vale of tears, denigrate the human body, and view the destruction of nature with indifference if not secret approval, since the best we can hope for is to get it all over with, are part of Magog. The conflict between the two is precisely the satanic counterfeit of the true eschatological conflict described in Apocalypse 19:11-20, between the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and the Beast with his false prophet. Those who can be lured to fight in a counterfeit war between elements which ought to be reconciled, because they are essentially parts of the same reality as seen in a distorting mirror, will miss their call to fight in the true war between forces which neither should nor can be reconciled: those of the Truth and those of the Lie.  (Globalism, insofar as it sets the stage for the emergence of Guénon’s “inverted hierarchy,” also contains the seed of Magog, while tribalism, as the common inheritance of all who are excluded from the global elite, holds the seed of Gog: in the latter days, no party or class or sector can long retain its ideological stability; the “rate of contradiction” approaches the speed of light.)

Today we see this eschatological conflict most recently played out in the election of Donald Trump over the evil witch, Hillary Clinton. Trump’s rebellion was a victory of the Masculine Principle over that of the Feminine: indeed, was not the election described as a contest between an ‘alpha male’ and the bastion of feminism herself?

…This is precisely what René Guénon saw, and predicted, for the end of the present cycle-of-manifestation in The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times: the short-lived triumph of the Substantial Pole—the Feminine Principle or materia—over the Essential Pole—the Masculine Principle or forma, resulting in the suppression of all formal distinctions in the “unity” of the Abyss.

It is against this sort of mental illness, this collective rejection of the human form, that the Populist masses have risen…But since these masses are largely proletarian by background, they cannot represent a new phase of social authority and governance in any stable way—as if a basic reversal of the inevitable descent of the cycle-of-manifestation were somehow possible, which it is not. Consequently they are open to the development of the kinds of “inverted hierarchies” (to use Guénon’s term) that we saw in the Fascist movements of the mid-20th Century. In the defeat of Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump, we may in fact be seeing a reflection (one of many past, possible, and to come) of the prophesy in the Book of the Apocalypse where a luxurious, self-indulgent maritime mercantile empire, ruled by the Whore of Babylon, is overthrown by the Beast, the Antichrist—the very picture of the rebellion of a perverted Masculine Principle against a degenerate Feminine Principle. I certainly do not mean to imply by this analogy that Donald Trump is in any sense the Antichrist in person, only that—despite whatever may be positive in his policies—he is one of the many mirrors that will temporarily reflect the Antichrist archetype. Antichrist himself must be the overt hierophant of the final Satanic religion, and Trump in no way satisfies this definition. This Gog-Magog opposition can be clearly discerned in the present fighting styles of the Left and the Right in the United States, where the weapons of choice of the Left are moral superiority and shame, those of the Right, anger and fear. Who can deny that these are the traditionally-preferred tactics in the perennial battle of the sexes?

This is why I have posited genuine concern about the rise of fascistic tendencies, especially on the alt-right. It does not appear, however, they will come to fruition, at least for the time being.

Nonetheless I am inclined to believe the reign of the Antichrist will reflect more Hitler than Stalin, so to speak. Communism was obviously excessive in its scope: it killed scores of tens of millions in its quest for ‘social justice,’ and implemented economic schemes that led to disaster and ruin. Even the Left rejects political Communism today, and instead focuses on the promotion of globalization and cultural Marxism.

The reign of Hitler, however, is far more intriguing to us than that of any other dictator. For the Nazi State offered the German people both nationalism and socialism: both exaltation and unity. Unlike the Soviet Union, who killed Christians en masse, the Nazi State protected Christians who were aligned with its ‘nationalist agenda.’ Thus in the End Times, when the real battle will be between the True and False Churches, we see some type of National Socialist/Fascist regime of the Antichrist to be more plausible than one of blatant Communism. It will not be a Literally Hitler state (TM) and will even be markedly different in some ways; but nonetheless will bear several notable similarities to the same.

For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. – Matthew 24:24

But if the liberal motto of today is ‘Never again’ in relation to fascism and genocide, how could the reign of the Antichrist be implemented? It will be done by stealth, and indeed, it is already here. We see the two great secular prophetic novels of the twentieth century, 1984 and Brave New World, and it is the latter that has more accurately described the condition of the twenty-first.

We see in Huxley’s novel both the aforementioned similarities and differences to twentieth-century Fascism, as well as its internal contradictions. We see both innate hierarchy and innate equality: human beings are genetically preprogrammed to assume their place in society; yet all are equal in their castes and give no thought to traditionalist methods of societal organization. We see widespread sexual degeneracy, abortion, etc.; yet an inverted moral code is also in place, so that those who do not practice these things are considered freaks and the ‘real’ degenerates. We see the worship of the corporate (the ‘sign of the T’) and not its suppression in the fashion of Communism. We see the technocratic rule of the globalist ‘World Controllers,’ who through their manipulation of the welfare state have assured (false) peace and prosperity to all; yet also a dismal tyranny that corrupts both the body and spirit.

Indeed, the rise of globalization will lead to what I call ‘world-socialism,’ some variation of which appears to be the system enacted in Brave New World. This is to be distinguished from international socialism, which is the aim of Communism. Rather, in world-socialism, the world itself is a Nation. This, of course, is to be accomplished (and is being accomplished) through the dis-homogenization of nations and peoples, and the gradual integration of national economies into the international System: capitalism to serve the cause of socialism, if you will.

Furthermore, the socialism I speak of is not socialism in its strictly economic sense: such a definition is what libertarian ‘conservatives’ use, who are unable to perceive reality but through economic means. No: the socialism I speak of is the cultural, social, political, and even spiritual disintegration of humanity into a collectivized, mechanized, equalized Whole. This capital-S Socialism uses only economic socialism as a means to an end, for this end is the Abyss.

Thus in the end-times System, we see Fascism triumphant forced upon an already-degenerate liberal Marxist system. The rule of the entire world will be under a single-party State, a rule in which National Socialism will be practiced on the grandest of scales: the World as Nation, and a person as a Citizen of the World-Nation.

In the same way, therefore, that Nazism was both Leftist and reactionary, so will be the rule of the Beast. He will be crucified on a false cross for the sake of humanity; the two branches of this cross are Essence and Substance.

Given that the latter days of the cycle are characterized by titanic conflicts between false alternatives which are ultimately expressions of the same universal degeneration, it would seem entirely justified to simply invoke the words of Christ, “my kingdom is not of this world”, enter into contemplative withdrawal from “the nightmare of history”, and concentrate all one’s resources upon the “unseen warfare” of the “greater jihad”. This stance is in fact presented as a viable option—or rather, a destiny willed for some by Allah—in the story of the “companions of the Cave” in the Surah al-Khaf, as well as in the hadith,  “There will be tribulations during which a sitting person will be better than the one standing, the one standing better than the one walking, the one walking better than the one running. Whoever exposes himself to these tribulations will be destroyed, so whoever finds a place of protection or refuge should take shelter in it.”

How is it possible to maintain spiritual strength inside the false dialectic of History, in which every choice one makes contributes, even if in a small way, to humanity’s ruin? The only “place of refuge” a Christian can take would be in Christ – but even then, that can be done only imperfectly. We know what the outcome of History will be. Perhaps the best we can do is pray that we are not totally destroyed by it.

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