What is America?

What is America? Why was it founded? What is it for?

Is it…

A proposition nation…or a white ethno-state? (Or both?)

A confederation of many states…or a federally administered empire?

A nation of immigrants…or a nation for the posterity of the Founders?

A Christian nation…or a nation based on Enlightenment principles? (Or both?)

Are these Enlightenment principles – of liberty, freedom, ‘one Nation under God’ – analogous to the Leftist principles of the French Revolution? Or are they an expression of ancient English common law?

And are these Enlightenment principles just for white Anglo-Saxons…or are they for everybody?

A Masonic plot…or the New Israel for persecuted Christians? (Or both?)

America, the blessed…or America, the Great Satan? (Or both?)


Since the founding of the country, and even before then, Americans have wrestled with these questions and many more – but now, the hour for wrestling is almost too late. Lacking a common identity, America appears to be all of these things, but to different people.

It is self-evident, then, that there are three questions that have never been answered by a majority consensus – from 1607 to the present –

What is America? Why was it founded? What is it for?



2 thoughts on “What is America?

  1. These questions are part of the reason I’ve come to despair as to discovering an American identity. I don’t think their is anything at the core of “America” besides white Christian ethnic stock. I think it’s important to recognize that America is not ideas, and that no nation can be an idea. I think when this realization comes America can become the Euroethnic entity it was and should be. “America” was around long before the United States, and it will exist after the United States (and all it’s founding documents). America is not a government or political ideology.


    1. I think unfortunately something like this confrontation of ideas about America’s true nature was bound to happen: it was inevitable. After all, this is the New World, where the persecuted masses of Europe and the ideas of philosophers could take root side by side. I could be wrong on this point, but it’s telling that nothing like this has ever happened in Australia, the “other” America of the Southern Hemisphere. Perhaps this is the case, because Australia was founded by criminals and not by ideologues, Christian or otherwise.


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