Donald Trump and the Mandate of Heaven

In ancient China, it was believed that for an Emperor to assume power, he must have been granted a ‘Mandate of Heaven’ by the gods. Such a mandate, comparable to both the Western concepts of the ‘divine right of kings’ and ‘social contract,’ provided the Emperor legitimacy for his rule.

So long as the Emperor obeyed the dictates of the gods and provided for the people, his rule would continue in peace and prosperity. If, however, he violated the decrees of Heaven and neglected the welfare of the people, the gods would disown him, and his own subjects would have the right to depose him.

Today we might look at President Donald Trump as having been granted the Mandate of Heaven—the answer to countless prayers by the American people for decades. For Trump triumphed not only over the ‘most qualified’ candidate in history, her demonic agenda, the Lying Press, and the New World Order: he also triumphed over the popular will itself. Trump was, quite literally, installed by God as President of the United States.

Trump has come to power at a time when a weak and ineffective, controlled-opposition ‘Right’ is being replaced by a nationalist, take-no-prisoners Right. Trump stands like a Janus-figure at this conjunction: one faced turned to the liberal order and its notions of liberty, equality, and fraternity; and yet the other turned away from this liberal-internationalist order and all it entails, towards something more substantive and noble: national identity.

For indeed Trump hit the nail on the head, so to speak. The American Right has struggled for decades in face of the Left, seeking diagnoses to the problem it has never been able to remedy. Different factions of the Right offered different cures for what ailed us—whether the Tea Party and its tax reform; libertarians and their free trade; Christians and their ‘anti-racism’; or neoconservatives and their desire to export Americanism worldwide. None of these solutions have solved the problem of ever-increasing Marxism within formerly Christian West.

Until Trump, that is. Having attended his Inauguration, I say with confidence it was the singular most profound experience of my life. Not because of him: no, the entire ceremony—comparable to a religious service—was an invocation to God.

In his Inaugural Address, Trump announced three things that will set the worldwide Right’s agenda for the twenty-first century:

  1. He repudiated the false doctrines of libertarianism and neoconservatism: “Through our loyalty to our country, we will rediscover our loyalty to each other,” and “We do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but rather to let it shine as an example.” To the libertarian, the first statement is fascism; to the neoconservative, the second statement is blasphemy.
  2. He set forth his ‘America First’ agenda of national pride and revitalization, and security at both home and abroad.
  3. He, and the pastors who gave invocations, rededicated the nation to God.

While Trump also paid homage to liberal ideas of perfect racial equality—as he is a civic nationalist—his speech was perhaps as close to a full-fledged ‘blood and soil’ nationalist speech as a civic nationalist is capable of giving. Indeed, the address was thunderous, and went forth like the cannon fire that saluted him upon the taking of his oath. As I once predicted, it will be remembered for generations to come.

Trump, like Putin, has finally, correctly diagnosed the disease that ails the West and offered the remedy: nationalism—even in a diluted form—security and protection of the people, and godly Christianity: the most moral and civilized belief system when practiced correctly, and the most effeminate and abominable when abused.

America, once a formerly great and Christian nation, is a dying empire, its fall from the zenith accelerating ever faster by the year. With Trump having received the Mandate of Heaven, can he stall the decline, or actually reverse it?

It is up to us to ensure he is properly edified, that the storms of discord and confusion within our country and the world are quieted, and that we might “share in the days of peace.” We might doubt, but this has been a year of miracles. I expect more to follow.

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5 thoughts on “Donald Trump and the Mandate of Heaven

  1. First off, I like your facility with language. It made the article more enjoyable to read. But the reference to a “Mandate of Heaven” in the context of President Trump still tripped my gag reflex. The new president won the election via a razor-thin strategic victory in three states, and he was elected by a significant minority of votes.

    He could massively improve his standing with those who oppose him through such a simple act as an apology to (take your pick) some of the groups or individuals he ungraciously, personally insulted during the campaign. But he hasn’t shown any willingness yet to take such an action, or indeed to reach out to anyone not already part of his core base of support. This puts him in a perilous spiritual position for governing.

    So, I’ll meet your mandate metaphor with a quote from the KJV Bible:
    “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”


      1. My apologies – it is indeed a ‘social media thing.’ It appears from your blog posts you are a liberal Leftist, so I assumed you gave either tacit or explicit support to Hillary Clinton, whose pride went before a (rather humiliating) fall.


      2. Oh, I see. That is generally true of my social issue stands (not financial), and I consider Mrs. Clinton a centrist overall. (Bernie Sanders being a liberal.)

        I was deeply unhappy with both presidential nominees, viewing both as inadequate for different reasons, so I wrote in “None of the Above”, and just voted on local candidates and law changes. I do think Clinton has a history of ethical failures and poor judgment. Alternatively, Trump appears to exhibit a damaging level of personal psychological instability. Unless he learns to handle minor criticism with more grace, I doubt his public support will last.

        I also worry about his state of physical health. Before retiring, I worked in hospitals and clinics as a medical assistant and imaging tech. These “type A” patients over 65 who carry extra pounds very often have heart attacks or strokes if placed under atypical levels of stress. The overweight hard-chargers love the fights, but the pressure “blows the pipes” so to speak. This situation could improve if he chose a better diet and regular exercise. But he has a doctor who regards him as the “healthiest ever”, an assessment we all laughed at in clinic.


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