Crime rates matter

The first essay I wrote for this blog was a reflection expressing my dismay at the state of America’s black community, and how I sincerely hoped – by some miracle – it could be reformed. Donald Trump has expressed likewise, in creating a ‘New Deal’ for black America.

Sadly, this reformation will not occur. The horrifying racially-charged abuse of a white, mentally disabled Trump supporter, by four black men acting little better than beasts, has proven the depth of hatred that most blacks have for white Americans.

Like so many others have stated tirelessly, blacks have been given every advantage in this country by whites – freedom from slavery, integration into white institutions, the ability to vote and run for office, billions in welfare payments, and even the Presidency of the country. And this is how they repay us.

If only a small number of blacks felt this animosity towards whites, such a problem could be easily rectified. But much like the myth of the Muslim ‘peaceful majority,’ the idea that most blacks desire to integrate into the larger society peacefully is just that – a myth.

With the failure of peaceful means to ‘assist’ the black community, can only come the realization of the two most dreaded words to the black Left: LAW and ORDER – both of which, thankfully, Trump has promised to deliver.

Furthermore, in answer to the incessant cries of ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER!’ I have only this: the lives of your thugs certainly don’t matter – but their crime rates do.

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One thought on “Crime rates matter

  1. I was red-pilled by the race question. My small college created a football team and changed the demographics of the school. It was a disaster. It didn’t take many Google searches to stumble across American Renaissance and discover the truth about their incompetence. Their crime rates certainly do matter to the millions of Whites who suffer from them.


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