Meltdown in the alt-right, or, why we can’t have nice things

In my most recent post, I spoke of a future conflict that will eventually develop between the alt-right’s Christian and pre-/post-Christian factions. Sadly, another conflict seems to have come up, which has proven many of the alt-right’s Internet warriors are nothing more than narcissistic drama queens.

The nonsense raging over Mike Cernovich’s ‘DeploraBall’ is evidence of this. Alt-rightists who were formerly allies now are choosing sides, disavowing each other, calling each other cucks, Jews, etc.

To add to this, Trump’s recent (overzealous?) support of the State of Israel has many in the alt-right up in arms. Because of Trump’s pandering or genuine interest – whichever you believe it is – the ever-ubiquitous Richard Spencer is now all but disavowing Trump.


“DARN – Trump supports Israel too much. Okay then, time to throw in the towel, I guess!”

Uh, memo to Mr. Spencer and everyone else: you knew that Trump 1) has Jewish family members, 2) publicly vowed to support Israel during the election campaign, and 3) campaigned on behalf of all Americans, not just whites.

That’s why it’s called politics: you win some, you lose some – but you back the man who will advance your interests the most. In this case, it’s Trump.

These Tweets encapsulate perfectly why we can’t have an ACTUAL alt-right President. The ideological purists who currently command the alt-right from their computer screens are no better than libertarians, or William Buckley for that matter. Endless purity tests are the new norm, as are socially retarded theatrics that our self-proclaimed ‘thought leaders’ engage in.

There’s also the small matter of the Internet alt-right not being as nearly as popular as it thinks it is. If we are to define the alt-right as ‘nationalism’ or ‘anti-globalism,’ then yes, that ideology is the most popular in the world right now.

But truth be told, white nationalism and Jewish influence on the media are not on most people’s radars. Breitbart, on the other hand, is. (‘Roman salutes,’ I might add, are still repugnant to most people.)  I’m sorry, but this is only the truth.

Does this mean the more ‘hard-core’ factions of the alt-right should give up talking about white nationalism and Jewish influence on the media? Of course not but what it does mean is that all of us who oppose the globalist Establishment must respect each other. Not everyone is going to wake up and become a white nationalist overnight. The Overton window can only move so far at one time.

Without Milo Yiannopoulos paving the way, Richard Spencer would not be able to give his own college tour. Without the fairly moderate Trump declaring his candidacy, the alt-right in its current manifestation would not exist.

Coalition-building is necessary for the future success of the movement. Milo and Blaire White have made lifestyle choices many of us on the Right find inappropriate, to say the least. Nonetheless, they have provided scathing critiques of the excesses of liberalism that are sure to lead people in a rightwards direction.

Moderates are gonna be moderates. Edgy people are gonna be edgy. We’re all in this boat together, whether we like it or not. We have to make room for each other, because if the Left gets its way, we’re screwed. So no, whining about Vox Day taking ‘shekels’ from Mike Cernovich isn’t helping.

Meanwhile, pedophile Satan-worshippers are on the loose. The Wall has yet to be built, and Christianity has to be reformed. There’s a lot of work to do. Are we really to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

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