Best of the Millennial Rightist

The past year has been one of the most remarkable in recent memory. It has been a watershed year for me personally, as I have started college, witnessed the nationalist revolt, and (of course) started a blog.

Since the Millennial Rightist went live in July, I have come into contact with a diverse crowd of fantastic people – a display of real diversity, I might add. My content is read by liberals, mainstream conservatives, Trumpsters, alt-rightists, white nationalists, and Christian identitarians. My own views have morphed since the blog was founded – indeed, I am ideologically in a very different place than I was even a year ago – and those who have read my blog and engaged with my work have influenced and accompanied me along my philosophical journey.

The Millennial Rightist currently has about 50 followers on Twitter, and his Tweets have accumulated 1,974 impressions in December alone. His website, since July, has been visited 1,135 times. Not bad for a startup blogger, who can post only intermittently and doesn’t use SEO!

In the spirit of the New Year, I’d like to post links below to what I consider to be the best of my work so far:

Black lives and black lies. Written after the BLM-inspired cop-killings in Dallas, this is a meditation on the moral downfall of America’s black community.

Hamilton: The revolution betrayed. When Leftists were busy fawning over this latest adaptation of early American history, I knew something fishy was going on. Unlike mainstream conservatives, I discerned Hamilton was not a celebration of what makes America great.

Donald Trump and the politics of hope. A reflection on the renewal of hope Trump gives to ordinary Americans as we confront our corrupt political, social, and religious establishments.

How an ex-Soviet spy predicted modern conservatism. Whittaker Chambers warned William Buckley that his fledgling Conservative Movement was doomed to irrelevancy. Needless to say, Chambers – no conservative, but a reactionary – was right.

Throwback Thursday: RIP Cruz! Published the evening Ted Cruz refused to endorse Donald Trump for President at the RNC, this is an unusually humorous take on ‘Lyin’ Ted’ and his self-righteous allies.

My love/hate affair with the alt-right: Parts One and Two. My ‘coming-out’ testimony for the alt-right, in which I finally decided to take the ideological plunge. Contains both high praise and strong critique for the most relevant political movement in the Western world today.

Do we have ‘rights’? Parts One and Two. Are Lockean rights God-given, or are they social constructs? I discuss the implications of Americans’ rights, and their use and abuse by the same.

The stupidity of Christian (and conservative) ‘intellectuals.’ Why are they so retarded? I attempt to provide an answer.

Faith of my fathers: Where are the Lutherans? A meditation on my religious tradition, which has been hollowed out by liberalism and apathy.

Socialism as a death cult and Hillary Clinton, Satanist. My darkest works, reflecting on the evil nature at the center of the Left.

When I founded this blog, I declared it was my own “meager effort” to help Trump get elected to the Presidency. This has now happened (hallelujah!), but the forces of cultural Marxism are still quite powerful. Therefore I intend to continue blogging, to continue triggering, and to continue to get blocked on Twitter by those who can’t handle the truth. It has been a fantastic year – and, as someone once said, “God bless us, every one.” Thank you for your continued support, and Merry Christmas.



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