Trump trumps libertarianism

The ten to fifteen percent of the Republican Party that comprised ‘Never Trump’ (who I railed against in a series you need to check out if you haven’t already) have, at long last, been defeated.

There are no “MY PRINCIPLES!” conservatives left anymore, or at least not publicly. Instead, Trump’s one-time fiercest opposition is now some of his most devoted following, who praise his Cabinet picks and attempt to give him advice. Which, of course, Trump should listen to, and then promptly do the opposite of.

Other than the fact that these individuals are miserable pushovers, devoted losers, and wretched cucks, the loss of their brand of ‘conservatism’ to Trump tells us something important about the realignment of the American Right in the wake of this election.

Practically all of Trump’s opposition from the Right described themselves as ‘principled conservatives’ devoted to liberty; ‘conservatarians’; and libertarians. Despite the best attempts of these ideologies’ disciples to present their ideas as fresh and edgy, there is nothing new in them. Instead, they tend to fall flat.

Trump’s ascension to the Presidency, therefore, represents not only a triumph over William Buckley’s outdated Cold War ideas (which didn’t even ‘win’ the Cold War, anyway), but a triumph unhealthy brand of libertarianism that has made an incursion into American politics in the past several decades.

Barry Goldwater’s fascinating system of beliefs has essentially devolved into cuckservatism that not only tolerates, but promotes, things like gay marriage and open borders; and a ‘Do what thou wilt’ Leftism-lite exemplified by nuts like Gary Johnson. Trump, actually, is a real libertarian (though a nationalist one): he is decidedly conservative, even European right-wing, in his fiscal views; and moderate in his social (read: LGBT) views.

The English and American Right has always been more libertarian than its Continental European counterpart – due, in fact, to an ancient genetic and historical legacy. ‘Libertarian’ in this traditional Anglo-Saxon sense means ‘loving liberty,’ as Anglo-American systems of checks and balances, parliamentary procedure, and individual rights (which are really privileges, but whatever) make clear.

But today’s libertarians on both the Left and Right have devolved mightily from this standard – even to the point of willingly betraying America’s heritage by promoting mass immigration and ‘free trade.’ These same people were the ones most triggered by Trump. What gives, then?

Answer: Today’s libertarians disavow the two things innate to all human beings – their identity, and their community. Trump represents both, which is why he was so hated.


One thought on “Trump trumps libertarianism

  1. Libertarianism is a really strange concept when really considered. The idea that someone should be able to do almost anything they want without consideration of values, religion, community impact, or identity is crazy. No human society has ever operated in this way.


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