Down the alt-right rabbit hole

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve started identifying myself as an alt-rightist, and it seems I have joined the movement at the most interesting time in its history. While I have still great respect for the ideals of the movement, it seems the alt-right is still encumbered with a series of issues I feel I ought to address.

First is the relationship between the alt-right and the Conservative Movement. Having attended a Conservatism Inc. conference in September, I can testify to the vapidity of its members’ ideas, as well as the sheer terror with which they view the alt-right and by extension, Donald Trump.

Not one of the speakers at the conference gave an adequate explanation of what the alt-right is; they merely dismissed it as something ‘BAD’ and to be avoided. Conservatism Inc. is indeed Incorporated – the ungodly amount of wealth flowing through it, all to no real use, is incredible.

The alt-right thus is free to continue its attacks on the Conservative Movement until the latter is defeated, for all I care. Yet why does the alt-right continue to whine about Conservatives dominating the American Right for the past fifty years?

William Buckley expelled the original alt-right, the John Birch Society, when he founded the Conservative Movement. Why, then, did the Society not effectively mobilize and create a counter-movement which would have undoubtedly supplanted Buckley’s?

Where were the Peter Brimelows and Jared Taylors in the 1960s? Why is the alt-right suddenly a ‘new’ phenomenon? Even Buckley once agreed with many of the alt-right’s goals – until later and later in his life, as he ‘disavowed’ more and more of them. Why was there no real effort made by any segment of the American Right to reverse this ‘conservatism’ of Buckley?

Perhaps, like their moderate brethren, the alt-rightists of the past fell into the same ‘be nice’ mantra the former possess. Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance, for example, has been around since 1991. No one doubts Taylor’s courtesy and sophistication, yet simultaneous lack of interest in ‘lowbrow’ culture. It seems this disdain and unwillingness to engage with the popular culture, as well as the heavy emphasis on social courtesies, is the curse of Rightists of all stripes.

Before the alt-right decides to complain about the co-option of American politics for the past half-century, perhaps it should take a hard look in the mirror. A vigorous and mobilized alt-right would have been greatly appreciated fifty years ago.

Second is a problem that can be summarized in two words: Richard Spencer.

While I once passingly praised him in an article, this was before he decided to go ‘full retard’ and give the Roman salute in front of dozens of Leftist journalists at his conference. This, of course, prompted Donald Trump to at once disavow the alt-right, which is perfectly understandable. Nice work, Rick!

Upon first hearing the news of this debacle, I assumed Spencer was merely trolling the media. Then I read what Mike Cernovich had to say about this incident, and suddenly I saw it in quite a different light.

There are three possible conclusions, then, I can draw about Spencer’s bizarre antics and by extension, his personal credo:

  1. Spencer was simply immature and thought he could get away with pulling off a stunt like this one.
  2. Spencer is a Leftist plant, or even a Federal agent, who is quite willing to paint the alt-right with a negative brush in order to undermine it for his Leftist friends. This is what Cernovich suspects. It is telling that Spencer has been the subject of several journalistic profiles recently, all from liberal outlets; and that these profiles have been far more nuanced and respectful of a self-declared white nationalist, then they have ever been of Conservative leaders.
  3. Spencer is, in fact, a Nazi sympathizer – which means he is a Leftist anyway. I would be unsurprised if this were the case. Spencer, I believe, is nonreligious or pagan. He seems to have no issue with abortion or eugenics. He loves the idea of power and statism, and allegedly said homosexuality is “implicit[ly] white.” Hmm.

Regardless of Spencer’s motivations, the alt-right must become a Christian movement, and soon. Doubtlessly this will lead to tiresome infighting among Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox factions, but this would be a small price to pay for saving the movement from idolatrous (and stupid) ideas such as tree-worship and glorification of the State.

The alt-right must also become politically mobilized, and not merely a conglomerate of keyboard warriors. Meme generators and bloggers such as myself are useful for ‘triggering’ cuckservatives and the Left – but we also need those who are willing to do the hard work of politics.

There is a tremendous upswing of nationalism in America right now, and many people all over the West likely hold alt-right sentiments, even if they are vague and undefined thanks to cultural Marxist brainwashing. The alt-right has such tremendous potential, and it must not be thrown away on the antics of LARPing (live-action role-playing) fools.

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6 thoughts on “Down the alt-right rabbit hole

  1. One of the nagging questions that has bothered me about Richard Spencer is how he manages to maintain a residence in Montana and Washington DC, travel often, maintain a family with multiple children, and attract a significant amount of media attention despite being unemployable in mainstream society. Where is he getting his money?

    I completely agree, the alt-right has to become a Christian movement. I prefer “identitarian” over “alt-right” because I think it has a more definable meaning. Paganism and secularism are ultimately hollow and childish. Christianity is the only European religion, and, in many ways, it is the only believable religion.


    1. I read in a Washington Post article that Spencer’s father is quite wealthy, but he and his son are now distant. Therefore I would be absolutely unsurprised if Spencer is receiving funds from Soros (who himself was a Nazi collaborator back in the day).

      Spencer is now embroiled in a divorce and seems to fancy himself another Buckley, who can define who is ‘in’ and ‘out’ in the alt-right. This is ridiculous. Perhaps alt-right leaders should get their own houses in order before they decide they can be the savior of white people. Real leaders would not seek personal attention in a way Spencer has.


    1. Excellent question. National Socialism had Rightist aspects (national identity, anti-degeneracy), but was a fundamentally flawed ideology, as it advocated the creation of an Earthly Utopia through militarism and genocide of the “Enemies of the People.” In an economic sense, it advocated for central planning – a facet common to all Communist dictatorships. In a religious sense, it promoted Islam, Eastern religions, paganism, and “positive Christianity” – much as the modern Left does today. In terms of foreign and domestic policy, it advocated society to be constructed as a giant war machine, to which the individual and family units were entirely subjugated. Hence this is why I believe a National Socialist alt-right is both immoral and unwise.


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