Trump victorious

The unthinkable has occurred, and the Second American Revolution has been won: Donald J. Trump is now President-elect of the United States.

From the moment of Ted Cruz’ meltdown in Indiana, I knew Trump would become the next President. I never doubted it for a second. Only a superman could have withstood the lies, deceit, two billion dollars of opposition, and (literal) demonic sorceries of the Left in the way Trump did. God was with him.

Trump turned the United States into a sea of red. The working class turned out for him in droves, and he won the Electoral College in a landslide.

Even more good news has come that, to me, is highly encouraging: Four out of five Evangelicals, and 52 percent of Catholics (likely the white faction), voted for Trump. Although this will not be widely reported on, such an event should be a cause of great joy.

Christians have stood against their priests, pastors, and bishops and voted for a man their religious superiors declared ‘evil.’ They rejected their corrupt religious establishment, and in doing so rejected the establishment’s support of mass migration, dilution of our unique and Godly heritage, and every other wicked scheme George Soros funds via Russell Moore and Catholic Charities.

Yet there is a troubling aspect to Trump’s victory. No conservative (though Trump is far more Right-wing than the Bush clan) has been able to win the popular vote in years. This trend continued with Trump.

While the entire heartland voted in his favor, every city, no matter its location, voted for Hillary Clinton. The ten percent of the Republican Party that refused to support Trump also cost him.

What has become apparent is that there are two Americas: one is rural, decent, hardworking, mostly white, and Right-leaning; and the other is urban, Leftist, cruel, vicious, and filled with self-hating whites as well as minorities that loathe Western civilization. The two Americas cannot live side-by-side in peace. Something must give.

It is my hope that following Trump’s inauguration, the Left self-deports. These ‘liberals’ are not even the decent, though misguided, liberals of the JFK or FDR years. These people are Communists, nihilists, and their brainwashed clan of followers. They cannot be argued or reasoned with: they are poison to our society.

In the coming months, prior to the construction of the Wall, I anticipate many dreadful acts of violence and discord will plague our country. The Left is undeniably filled with a burning hatred for white America, and this vicious and bigoted attitude will only increase in strength. Before there can be peace—for if God gave us Trump as a ‘last chance,’ He will also give us peace—there can only be discord. It is already beginning, and I pray it does not grow more severe.

God still loves America and Americans, despite our terrible sins, and Trump’s election is a ‘yuge’ act of mercy. May we remember his sacrifice as we look towards the reconstruction of our society.


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5 thoughts on “Trump victorious

  1. I’m surprised the extent to which Trump lost the popular vote (by more than 2 million, it appears), but encouraged by the level of evangelical and Christian support. It still remains true that if these demographic trends continue Trump like victories will remain flukes within a broader leftward moving society.


    1. The 2 million number is curious, as I read today on Infowars (which I now consider a fairly credible source) that 2 million illegal aliens voted in the election.

      While I think as a rule societies gradually move leftward, very intense reactionary shifts are also common. Fifty years after the atheistic, communistic French Revolution, France was once again a peaceful Catholic monarchy. I’m under the impression a similar a reactionary shift, prompted by Americans in the heartland, is presently underway.


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