TRIGGERED! How I cucked Russell Moore on Twitter

The Millennial Rightist has claimed his first scalp: Soros mouthpiece, and new darling of the New York Times, Dr. Russell Moore.

A couple of days ago, I woke up, checked my Millennial Rightist Twitter account, and this is what I saw:


Needless to say, I was overjoyed at this turn of events. But what triggered the good reverend into blocking a humble Internet blogger with only a dozen followers? Perhaps it was this:


Apparently the truth hurts.

It’s now obvious Moore has a guilty conscience for selling out his civilization to a godless globalist for thirty pieces of silver. Moore can continue his shenanigans as a Good Upstanding Christian for the time being, and win praise from both retarded conservative pundits like Erick Erickson and Ross Douthat on one hand, and the malicious NYT and WaPo on the other.

He can continue to clutch his pearls and faint at whatever vulgar thing Donald Trump says; tell Christians “not to worry” and Love Thy Neighbor when the Left comes to shut down their businesses; slowly but surely push for the acceptance of the gay/transgender agenda in the Baptist churches; and, of course, to shill for mass immigration and the dissolution of national borders.

But this facade can’t last forever. Eventually, if he isn’t arrested and cast into disgrace for a hitherto unknown sin, he will be rendered irrelevant by the Presidency of Trump, and failing that, the rise of nationalist Christianity.

Cuckservative Christians, including Moore, complain Trump “destroyed their witness” to America and the world. If this so-called ‘Christian witness’ means nothing more than droning on about white privilege and racism; permitting Muslims to build jihad mosques because ‘RELIGIOUS LIBERTY!’; and allowing our civilization to be overrun by migrants who do not share our values, then by all means, God bless Donald Trump for destroying the ‘witness’ of these false teachers.

Jesus Christ once said one cannot serve both God and Mammon. We now know which Moore serves…and we also know what eventually happens to those that do.

I plan to go on a trolling campaign against Moore on Twitter. As Donald Trump says, “WATCH!”

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8 thoughts on “TRIGGERED! How I cucked Russell Moore on Twitter

  1. Moore needs to be exposed. It’s astonishing how many conservative Christians are falling for his rhetoric. Dreher (at the American Conservative) said he was the new mouthpiece of orthodox Christians.


    1. Dreher is emotionally/mentally unstable, so I have found any judgement he makes about a person or issue should be taken with a grain of salt. When I used to read his blog, he said he would actually ignore his Trump-supporting commenters who warned Moore was in Soros’ pocket.

      Russell Kirk wrote that conservatism (that is, cuckservatism) was founded essentially on emotion and sentiment. So as long as Moore says the right things and acts like a Good Conservative should, his destructive agenda can basically go under the radar. Thank goodness, though, that his brand of Evangelicalism is fading fast.


      1. Dreher strikes me as an overgrown adolescent holding on to his bad relationship with his father and hometown.

        I’m glad Moore’s concept of Christianity is dying. I think he advocates a “middle road” (which is really quiet leftist) that is evaporating in America. people are taking sides (thankfully), and the battle lines are being drawn. The future is going to be factional. Unfortunately, Christianity must be divided.


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