Predictions for the coming year

Predictions have long fascinated me, and I offer to my readers a few of my own. I do not pretend, unlike Bill Kristol and the rest of his brainless ilk, that all of these will come to pass. Nevertheless, it’s fun to speculate. That being said, here’s my ideas, based on current evidence of fairly extensive reading, of what the next year could look like in a best-case scenario.


  • Trump wins next debate. The last and most vicious one, he stumbles, but nonetheless manages to take Clinton out in an even stronger fashion than he did tonight. Why? Clinton suffers a seizure onstage.
  • More Trump audio is released, but is quickly dismissed. No one cares about it anymore. On the other hand, new, important WikiLeaks information on Clinton is released, but is never discussed by the media.
    • CHECK. Women have come forward, alleging Trump has touched them inappropriately. Because of the timing and the too-obvious connections to the Clinton campaign, no one really believes these allegations. Meanwhile, the WikiLeaks files continue to pour in.
  • A new, last-minute reason is cooked up by Obama/Clinton/Soros cartel to postpone or cancel the election, but the plan is revealed and done away with amidst public outcry.
    • MAYBE. Online message board 4chan, often right more than not, has recently revealed President Obama might go to war with Russia in order to declare martial law and postpone the election.
  • The last thought leaders of NeverTrump endorse Clinton. Underground media outlets reveal they had, indeed, been paid off by her campaign.
    • CHECK. Glenn Beck has declared Clinton to be the “moral, ethical choice” in this election. While not American, Louise Mensch, a British Conservative politician and founder of, has been revealed to have been paid by the Clinton campaign. The ‘Trump tapes’ were leaked to the Washington Post by Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney. Most of the senators and Congressmen who disavowed Trump following the tapes’ leak were past supporters of mass amnesty.
  • The polls are still a nail-biter by Nov. 8, but Trump is victorious, winning the greatest Electoral College victory since George Washington’s. While there is some rigging, it is less than expected, as the ‘monster vote’ completely surprises and overwhelms the Left and conservative Establishment.
  • Following Trump’s victory, the Left enters its death spiral. Riots break out on election night. Obama angrily denounces Trump and the American public. An attempt is made on Trump’s life, but is foiled.
  • A few celebrities make the news: they keep their promise, and indeed move to Europe or Canada. These cases are few and very high-profile, but they accelerate in the coming months.
  • Trump is inaugurated Jan. 20 in front of the largest crowd ever to assemble on the National Mall. Despite a few demonstrations, everything proceeds peacefully. The pre-inaugural service is held not at the National Cathedral, but at a Evangelical church in the city. Obama does not attend the inauguration. The Bushes, McCains, and other members of the Establishment are also absent. Trump’s inaugural address is remembered fondly.
  • Following the inauguration, the reality of the Trump Presidency sets in. Illegal immigrants flee the country en masse. Hollywood self-deports to Canada and Europe. Twenty-five percent of the Federal bureaucracy leave their positions. Extreme Leftists, even middle-class ones, pack their bags and head for Canada.
    • A recent poll has shown that twenty-five percent of the Federal bureaucracy would quit their jobs if Trump won the election.
  • Within a hundred days of the inauguration, plans for the Wall are finalized. Construction begins in the late spring. Besides the draw to white blue-collar white workers, President Trump offers an incentive for poor minority residents of the cities who participate in the Wall’s construction. Construction itself is supervised by the military and proceeds fairly peacefully, despite Leftist protests (chaining themselves to the border fence currently in place, etc.). Remittances to Mexico are seized by the Government and used to finance the Wall’s construction.
  • Trump releases his tax returns. It is revealed he had, in fact, donated a large portion of his income to charity.
  • Trump sues the New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN for libel – and wins. He donates his compensation to charity. The Leftist media still exists, but in a greatly diminished form.
  • Paul Ryan and much of the rest of Congress are revealed to have been complicit in a massive pedophilia/pornography/prostitution ring. Many are arrested; others resign in disgrace.
  • Trump travels to Russia for a state visit, and is warmly received by Vladimir Putin. The two vow together to form a coalition to wipe ISIS out. Within a year, due to incessant airstrikes, ISIS is gone. Nuclear war between the two superpowers is averted.
  • Trump’s special prosecutor formally presses charges against Hillary Clinton. The thirty-three thousand missing emails are revealed to have contained extremely valuable intelligence, making this scandal the greatest in American history. Clinton is deemed fit to stand trial, and her husband Bill is sued by Juanita Broaddrick and others. Within a year, both are in Federal prison.


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3 thoughts on “Predictions for the coming year

    1. Haha I hope I am too! This is simply a best-case scenario, but even now, it’s amazing all of what Mr. Trump has accomplished. Besides, I might as well be optimistic, as nuclear war will break out under a Clinton presidency.


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