Report from the university: 9.4.16

I’ve been at college only but a few weeks, and it has been a fascinating experience. Because the state of the universities and student debt has been making the rounds in the media recently, I’m presenting my observations on the state of higher education here. This will likely be a longish post, so bear with me.

Scholarships and student debt. When I graduate in four years, I will do so without any student debt, for which I am extremely grateful. I won a very significant scholarship, and received a hefty discount as well. My family’s home is in the same city as the university, but because of these monetary awards and my family’s financial situation, I am able to live  in a fairly expensive dorm on campus.

My roommate is not so lucky. He received the same large scholarship I did as well as another, but still had to take out loans to finance his education. A girl I know is attending university without any scholarship whatsoever. She has made a terrible mistake.

My heart goes out to fellow students who will be virtual slaves in four years. For the intellectually inclined, college is the pathway to a better future. Yet there are so many students in colleges today who should not be there. When extreme egalitarianism was applied to university admission standards, the debt crisis was born.

The university ‘vibe.’ University is perhaps the strangest place I have ever lived. It is an artificial environment. It is a self-contained city within a city.

While university is definitely an upgrade from high school, I am not sure I like this new environment in its entirety. Everything here seems to reek of vanity and human ambition, from ‘diversity initiatives,’ to the vapidity of many courses being offered, to the fact that the only statues on campus are those of sports heroes and wealthy donors, not of intellectual heroes.

Despite my upper middle-class background, attending university has exposed me to a new level of luxury and indulgence. I live in a comfortable building, a true home away from home. All meals are provided for, and the food is often excellent. I am even allotted a $20 per week to spend on fast food.

University staff are expected to be friendly, attentive, kind, caring, and compassionate – and they are. There are counseling centers, a women’s center, a black student union, a LGBTQ alliance. The university sponsors numerous events, just for the students, and they are fun. University is almost a summer camp in some respects.

I can go to the gym, the climbing wall, the pool whenever I like (all state-of-the-art facilities). I can skip class whenever I like. I can get drunk whenever I like, and police cars and ambulances will be at my beck-and-call.

Indeed, the heavy emphasis on alcohol consumption and partying means it is almost expected for all students. The university does not even try to control student drinking – it simply tells us to ‘know our limits.’ Question: if the ‘rape epidemic’ on campuses is really as bad as is often said, shouldn’t curtailing drinking mitigate the problem?

Too many college students simply attend school for the mere ‘experience,’ and not for real learning. Yet the university will try its hardest to pass them along. For many students here, failure is not an option – but it is expected.

The university itself is a parent. It is extremely generous and attentive to all of our needs, yet behind its cloying friendliness lies a disturbing totalitarianism. My campus ranks very low in the right to practice freedom of speech. The campus newspaper is controlled by Leftist SJWs.

Even though I live in the South, and thus have been spared the worst of social justice, if I were to publish a pro-alt-right column in the campus newspaper as I have on this blog, my exposure to ‘sensitivity training’ at best, or suspension/expulsion at worst, would not be out of the question.

Leftist indoctrination. Though the influence of the Left is everywhere, so far I have received little indoctrination in any of my classes.

The closest I have come to this is my geography class, where my professor has repeated the usual platitudes about the ‘wage gap’ and ‘climate change,’ etc. He also defended Hillary Clinton at one time, saying she had been so heavily targeted by the Right because she is a woman. (Please.) This nonsense is fairly easy to ignore.

I am enrolled in an anthropology class, and it is fascinating. My professor is excellent. She has freely acknowledged that anthropology has radical roots, but that she is not attempting to indoctrinate anyone in Leftist socialism. So far she has kept her word.

The subject of anthropology itself should be of interest to the alt-right and alt-right sympathizers. A major feature of anthropology is its belief in ‘cultural relativism’: that the actions of every culture should be judged in the context of said culture.

While some conservatives and traditionalists would object to this idea as pure moral relativism, the two concepts are not mutually exclusive. We can seek to understand the Aztec practice of human sacrifice, for instance, in the context of their cultural history. At the same time, we can object to it on moral grounds and commend the Spaniards for rightfully putting an end to this practice.

For some reason, anthropologists aren’t simply interested in studying other cultures. They are preoccupied with spreading Western values to all corners of the world, and become deeply conflicted when a quaint ethnic group that lives in harmony with nature practices cannibalism, for example.

The alt-right recognizes that every culture and race is fundamentally different, and that the values of one culture are often incompatible with another. Western values are only of interest to white Europeans, a fact that neocons and anthropologists have not yet grasped.

(It is also curious how whites are the only race that possess the extraordinary curiosity to create a of study other peoples for its own sake. Not even the Chinese have done so.)

FINALLY…being a a Trump supporter. I attended my first College Republicans meeting the other night, and the room was packed. While the president of the chapter said he was “sitting this election out,” it seems that most people in the room will vote for the Donald with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

Looking around the room at that meeting, I saw mostly whites and only a couple of minorities. This is OK – Republicans are the white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant party, and have traditionally been so. (This observation is, of course, entirely consistent with an alt-right worldview: whites prize hard work, personal liberty balanced with responsibility, etc. while most other races do not.)

Of course the Party should welcome in all who share its ideals, regardless of race or religion; but pandering to minorities is what the Left does, and what the establishment Right has unsuccessfully tried to do. Thank goodness for Trump for putting an end to this obnoxious practice.

I now am on the ‘Students for Trump’ committee, a chapter of the larger national body. The Trump supporters I have met are intelligent, insightful people, and are tremendously excited to take back the country and destroy the Clintons forever.

Tuesday is designated ‘Trump Gear Tuesday,’ so I will proudly wear my Trump T-shirt for the first time on campus, the day after tomorrow. I don’t think my physical safety will be at risk, but who knows how many Leftists I’ll trigger?


I plan to continue to provide occasional commentary on the state of higher education in my “Report from the university” series, so please stay tuned for more.




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