The stupidity of Christian (and conservative) ‘intellectuals’

Over the past few years, as I’ve become more aware of politics and world events, I have also grown more interested in religion: not just as a private practice in my own life, but how it is applied to the larger world.

I have explored religious commentary websites of all denominations: Catholic, Reformed, Lutheran, Pentecostal, Orthodox, Evangelical. I have explored different tendencies in these blogs, ranging from pure Marxism to neoreaction. With the exception of only a handful of sites, every prominent Christian commentary blog is garbage.

This is, of course, thanks to the people who run them (Russell Moore, Rod Dreher, David French, and Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry spring immediately to mind.)

I used to regularly read The Christian Post, Christianity Today, assorted writers at Patheos, and other blogs to affirm my conservative worldview. But no longer.

I did not always think the content these writers/websites produced was odious – on the contrary, I admired it greatly. Having never been a Marxist, and believing these writers/websites to be Biblical and conservative, I looked to them for insights on the Christian life. (I looked at Jim Wallis’ Marxist Sojourners only for laughs.)

But the rise of Donald Trump, Black Lives Matter, and all other sorts of strife has exposed these individuals’ true intentions. The more my conservative (now full-out right-wing) ideology increased in strength, the more I felt a peculiar sense of unease while reading their work I could not explain.

Why did Leftist causes such as ‘climate justice’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’ receive the endorsement of these people – and why, with the meteoric rise of Trump, did the self-proclaimed ‘thought leaders’ of the Christian community react to him in Pharisaic rage?

I am attempting to understand the mind of these so-called ‘Evangelical intelligentsia’ (though they need not be strictly Protestant). I have thought long and hard about them, and have come to this conclusion about their paradigm: With an increase in intellect comes a decrease in wisdom. With this decrease in wisdom comes an increase in naivety and emotion.

Intellect without wisdom equals vapidity – and vanity.

Of course there are exceptions to this rule. But it generally seems to be the case. It does not matter even if the commentator in question is not Christian. George Will is such an example. I do not doubt George Will’s intellectual prowess. But he has no wisdom.

Why am I not targeting Leftist commentators? I could, but they are too easy of a target. It is necessary to take a hard look at what the alt-right calls ‘cuckservatives,’ in order to understand how and why they have subverted our side in the interest of cultural Marxism.

It is noteworthy, first and foremost, that all of these ‘Christian conservatives’ appear to have majored in the social sciences and/or humanities during their college years. I have nothing against these disciplines per se; I myself am majoring in international relations, and am considering another major in philosophy.

Yet I have been in college for a few weeks, and already I notice the relativism that has been injected into these disciplines by early socialist thinkers. If one’s sole intellectual foundation is the quicksand of ‘conservatism,’ then the corrosive effect of the ideas presented therein is bound to take root in the mind.

On the other hand, natural science majors are just as intelligent (often more so) than social science majors. But they do not display the same weakness and lack of wisdom that the ‘thought leaders’ possess. Why?

Social sciences and humanities, unlike the natural sciences, do not rely on verifiable, objective facts. Most of them apply a flimsy coating of the scientific method to a bizarre social theory to be ‘studied.’ These disciplines have a great deal of emotion injected into them; and the emotions of the researcher are used to craft a Narrative, over which the scientific method is overlaid to give it the appearance of authenticity.

While all ideologies make use of emotion, the Left is particularly adept at it, because no real facts stand behind the emotion being presented – yet each lie pushed by the Left contains a tiny, tiny grain of truth.

This tiny truth, plus a great lie, plus a heady dose of emotion, allows the Left to fundamentally reject reality by crafting its Narrative – which is why, as an ideology, it is so destructive.

Emotion, therefore, is the Left’s most valuable tool. It is why the Left’s lies are often bought by uninformed women, who tend to be more emotional then men; as well, of course, by emotional men. This problem is exacerbated in modern, feminized Christianity, both in its liberal and ‘conservative’ forms.

It is no secret that many of the cuckservative Christian men are deeply emotional, often unhealthily so. Russell Moore “cried” when the Confederate flag was rejected by the Southern Baptist Convention. Rod Dreher has confessed numerous times on his blog to having emotional instability, which is also plainly observable in his writing. Glenn Beck likely suffers from sociopathy and megalomania.

There are no ‘alpha males’ among the cuckservative Christians, which is why Donald Trump is constantly accused by them of narcissism and impolitic brashness. Instead, feuding ‘betas’ jealously project their hatred on him, while patting themselves on the back for their ‘insight.’

But these men have no insight – which brings me back to my original point:

With an increase in intellect comes a decrease in wisdom. With this decrease in wisdom comes an increase in naivety and emotion.

Intellect without wisdom equals vapidity – and vanity.

There is no difference between mainstream conservative publications, in the same way there is no difference between Leftist publications. Their writers might have high IQs, but they have no wisdom of how the world works, which is why the rise of Trump has taken them by such surprise. There is more virtue and wisdom in a “poorly educated” Trump supporter than there is in the entire DC beltway (or Wheaton College, for that matter).

Christians and other conservatives who have adopted the Left’s worldview as their principal premise – ‘compassion,’ ‘equality,’ etc. – and who refuse to acknowledge the world’s realities (most notably biological race differences) are doomed to irrelevancy. Rather than repenting of their foolishness and humbly acknowledging their wrongness, they instead wallow in self-pity, bitterness, and hatred. Let us learn from their sad example, and be warned.


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6 thoughts on “The stupidity of Christian (and conservative) ‘intellectuals’

  1. I think your description of them as “feuding betas” is absolutely true. It seems they can’t even understand or ascribe any sort of virtue to an alpha male like Trump. They reject him because of how he sounds… more powerful and meaningful than them.

    Jim Wallis and Russell Moore are two christian thought leaders I know to be taking money from George Soros. I hate to sound conspiratorial, but he also donates to Black Lives Matter. I wouldn’t be surprised if Christianity Today is in a similar position.

    I think you’re right that there is no wisdom. It seems that the higher IQ a beta male has the more effective he is at sniping real men with his virtue signalling. These people would rather virtue signal than actually look out for their people’s best interests. So much for the Golden Rule.


    1. Something that particularly infuriates me is how other conservative Christians deliberately ignore the fact that Moore is indeed a recipient of Soros funds. Oh, they’ll go after Jim Wallis for the same thing – just because he’s such an extremist – but Moore? Naw, he’s OK. He opposes abortion and gay marriage – right? Right?


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