Why does the Left love Islam?

In the wake of the Orlando tragedy, it finally became evident to Americans of all walks of life that the Left places Muslims at the top of its “victim hierarchy,” as Milo Yiannopoulos put it.

This should come as no surprise. The Left has been apologizing, and continues to apologize, for the barbaric deeds of those who practice the faith of Mohammed. Every vicious act of terror committed by a low-IQ, fanatically violent, brainwashed Muslim Arab is always attributed to ‘unclear motives’ or ‘poverty’ – never the root cause of the problem: Islam itself.

Foolish conservatives have also bought into this narrative. Bush the Second is now admired by liberals for declaring, after the horror of 9/11, that Islam is a “religion of peace.” Many of these conservatives (all of whom oppose Trump, by the way) fetishize and misinterpret the First Amendment to mean that in the interest of religious liberty, we cannot disallow Muslims from entering our country and constructing mosques, most of which preach jihad.

Why, however, is this narrative in place in the first place? Why does the Left not only apologize for, but even appreciate Islam?

Answer: because Leftism and Islam are two branches of the same ideological tree. They are both violent, totalitarian, socialistic ideologies bent on world domination. Despite their many obvious surface differences, the Left intuitively recognizes Islam as a kindred spirit, a sister religion. What else could explain all the Islamophilia so common among Leftists – or the socialism so common among Muslim societies?

Islamic society mirrors Soviet society in numerous ways: the Caliphate State has utter control over the lives of the people. Poverty is endemic. Christian virtue is nonexistent. Belief in a dissenting ideology is punishable by death. Violence, brutality, and a coarsening of the human spirit are hallmarks of this dismal system.

While the religious aspect of Islam vs. the secular humanist aspect of the Left might disrupt this analogy, it is useful to remember that Leftism itself is a religion (or something very much like one, as it relies on deception, whereas ordinary religion explicitly states its goals).

Despite initial impressions, Islam is also a humanist ideology: whereas Christianity seeks to bring the individual closer to God, Islam seeks to debase him. The seventy-two virgins of Paradise, and the bizarre rite of the suicide bombing, are anathema to Christian ideals.

Furthermore, few Leftist regimes have been explicitly atheistic. A healthy dose of spirituality does underlie the Left, one that Christians would consider occult. Why else would liberals hold Eastern mysticism and witchcraft so dear, while simultaneously despising traditional Christianity and Judaism?

Occultism, of course, is the parallel religion of Christianity that promotes the worship of Satan. Islam’s violence is nothing but Satanic.

And here we see the big picture: that Leftism and Islam both originate from the heart of Evil itself.


Photo from Wikipedia.com


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