Glenn goes full retard

What the hell is wrong with Glenn Beck?

Don’t get me wrong, I used to like the guy. When I was still a warrior for Conservatism Inc. (albeit an open-minded one), I came across, predictably, a lot of hatred from the Left for Beck. A “delusional conspiracy theorist,” ” a serial liar,” etc. etc. (I’m making all of these quotes up, but really, do I have to?)

Sadly, I’ve realized the Left was indeed correct about Beck – just as they were correct about many conservative Evangelicals being uptight Pharisees who refuse to vote in their self-interest. I didn’t think the Left was correct at first, though. Watching Glenn Beck, I saw a well-dressed man speak eloquently and passionately about American patriotism, the threat of Islam, etc.

Indeed, Beck has said many noteworthy and true things, for which he is greatly appreciated. Nevertheless, the rise of Donald Trump has broken him beyond repair – and now he’s a shill for the Left who hates him. Stockholm syndrome, much?

Throughout the 2016 Presidential campaign, Beck has been an adamant foe of the Donald, and an adamant friend of the Conservatism Inc. power structure. Backing TruCon Ted Cruz in the primaries, Beck made wild prophecies about the Lord’s anointed, and gave Cruz the oath of office several months early, among other things. Glenn also attached himself to the Cruz campaign with Cruz’ permission – a decision which Cruz later likely deeply regretted.

(This actually wasn’t the first time Beck and Cruz held forth together. Back in 2014, when the Donald was still the star of The Apprentice and Hillary’s emails were a non-issue, the pair travelled to the Texas border, where they and treasonous ‘sanctuary’ churches gave teddy bears and soccer balls to hordes of invading migrant children. And people complain that Trump once tentatively thought amnesty might be worth a try? Please.)

The failure of Cruz to win the primary, however, broke Glenn – and he’s never been the same. He now backs the socialist ‘libertarian’ Gary Johnson for President – gee, the Founding Fathers were libertarian, so Johnson must be okay, right? – and has now endorsed Black Lives Matter.

Yes, that’s right: Glenn Beck has endorsed the racist terrorist hate organization, Black Lives Matter. Using a bizarre and frankly incomprehensible metaphor related to pie (?), Glenn justified his endorsement of the latest incarnation of communist ‘Black Power’ movements by claiming “all pies matter.”

Beck, of course, really isn’t motivated by malice so much as emotion. He does have a reputation for being emotional – but unfortunately, emotion is the Left’s principal tool of manipulation.

Conservatives who become desperate for Leftist approval, such as Beck and his cohorts Erik Erickson and Ben Howe, tend to give in to this emotional manipulation in an effort to score brownie points with the Left. Or, even worse, they actively buy the lies of the Left in order to encourage ‘bipartisanship.’

This explains Beck’s ‘compassionate’ response to illegal migration; his naive response to Facebook’s censorship (and the strange distinction he made between ‘liberals’ and ‘progressives’ therein); his sudden about-face on gay rights in the wake of the Orlando shooting (why was a vocal gay marriage opponent suddenly tweeting #LoveWins?); his murderous fantasies about Donald Trump; and now his effort to ‘understand’ the violence of the black community.

Of course, the Left is never particularly generous: the game is always played on its terms, and the ‘conservatives’ who are thrown scraps today are denounced as Hitler tomorrow. For some reason, conservatives such as Beck have never understood this.

I’ve been harsh on Beck, but he is an unwell man. His media empire is collapsing, and his public statements grow more unhinged by the day. Beck’s fall is the representation of everything NeverTrump is: broken, resentful, bitter, angry, and irrelevant. Meanwhile, their nationalist counterparts are happy, successful, thriving, and victorious.

I’m happy to be on the winning side. Glenn, it’s still not too late to join us.


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