The media is Satan

Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame, recently said the mainstream media is controlled by “Satan.”

As a religious believer, I do not find this surprising. Satan is Prince of the Power of the Air, and I have every faith he can manipulate radio waves and other modes of telecommunication if he so chooses.

Everyone used to know that the media had a liberal bias: it was always something for right-wingers to overcome. But this election cycle has shown the media has an evil agenda. The constant and blatant lies they spin about Donald Trump, and the endless covering they do for the wickedest woman in the country, Hillary Clinton, is evidence of this evil. Satan is, after all, also known as the Father of Lies.

He seems to have a particular interest in this election: it could very well lead to wars, economic collapse, moral degeneracy, socialist totalitarianism, the dissolution of national borders, imposition of sharia law, and untold suffering and death if Clinton prevails. Or it could lead to an era of peace and prosperity, where the Church is protected and national sovereignty is honored, if Trump is victorious.

Indeed, Trump is now the worldwide leader of the nationalist Right, and his Presidency will not only be a blessing to the United States, but to the whole world if he is elected. Clinton, on the other hand, is a representative of demonically-inspired globalist socialism – the same ideology which inspired the construction of the Tower of Babel. Her election will seal the deal, so to speak, for Western Christendom – forever.

If Trump falls, all other nationalist movements will fail. We are at the tipping point.

Every time, then, we hear another nameless, brainwashed journalist robotically recite the conspiratorial agenda of the elite, we would do well to remember:

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

-St. Paul, Ephesians 6:12


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