It has been one month since I began work on this blog, and boy, has it been fun!

I never anticipated I would be writing this much, to begin with – but in these times, there is no shortage of things to write about. We’ve seen Donald Trump triumphantly crowned the nominee; seen the defeat and despair of the Bernie movement; and now seen manufactured controversies about our next President pushed by the Dishonest Media.

Even in the past month, my own political thought has continued to evolve. Having swallowed the ‘red pill,’ I am now a thought criminal: I have endorsed the alt-right, albeit with heavy qualifications. There is no going back now.

Personally, I could care less if people call me a racist, bigoted, xenophobic, homophobic Islamophobe. None of these things are true, and unlike mainline conservatives who are similarly accused, I can shrug these vapid insults off without any care.

Nevertheless, as I wrote in my first post, people I care about work in Left-dominated professions. Because Leftists are totalitarian sociopaths, I cannot risk exposure for their sake. Once I thought about going public eventually, but now that looks increasingly unlikely.

When writing this blog, I have not tried to ‘win’ anyone to my way of thinking (with the exception of the NeverTrump series), or develop elaborate arguments. I simply lay the truth out there – and let others take it or leave it. These are MY thoughts, and facts I have researched – and to quote a once-relevant Ben Shapiro, they don’t care about your feelings.

Over the past month, my blog has been viewed nearly 200 times. That’s an average of nearly 7 views a day – not bad for a start-up blog with minimal Twitter following. My Tweets have received over 2000 impressions, and I am thrilled to have received the ear of the chairman of Students for Trump, Ryan Fournier himself.

I am also now on Google +, @mrightist. Do take the time to follow me there! Links to each article I write will be automatically posted. I’m not a Facebook user and quite frankly don’t need any more social media in my life, so don’t expect to find me there anytime soon.

These may not seem like particularly noteworthy gains, but I am just beginning. I read that it can take up to 18 months and several hundred posts for blogs to gain wide exposure. So the future of MillennialRightist is bright indeed. This being said, thank you to all my followers and readers who have made this endeavor worthwhile. I deeply appreciate it.

There is just one problem, however: I have a nagging suspicion my Tweets are being censored. As the recent debacle with Milo Yiannopoulos made clear, Twitter is now a Leftist social-justice platform and sharia-compliant.

Twitter will allow controlled opposition to make it appear as though they believe in freedom of speech, but this opposition will be controlled through any means necessary. For me, my Twitter following grew rapidly in the first week and a half of this blog’s existence. It blossomed to 44 followers in less than two weeks – then mysteriously flatlined, even declined.

Could this be the result of others’ lack of interest, or poor marketing skills on my end, or both? Perhaps – but this is Twitter, and we can’t rule anything out. Other conservative Twitter users have complained of similar censorship.

Therefore, if you appreciate the message of this blog (or at least the writing), please help get my voice out there! Share, retweet, link: I need all the help I can get!

In a few short days, I will enter university as a freshman, and begin my major in international relations. I am excited about this new chapter in my life, but apprehensive, too. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to stand up to SJWs, promote our next President, encounter minimal Leftist indoctrination in my classes, and continue to edit this blog.

Thank you once again for your continued support – and let’s keep Making America Great Again!



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