My love/hate affair with the alt-right: Part Two

When I published my first post on the alt-right a couple days ago (so far my most popular, by the way), I expressed admiration for the views of the luminaries of the movement – people such as Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, and John Derbyshire. Unlike the ‘experts’ on both the Left and in Conservatism Inc., these men are intellectual giants and are doing much to save our civilization.

However, many of the followers of the alt-right – blog commenters, Reddit users, etc. – leave something to be desired. An example of the profundity of their thought can be found below, from an article by Roosh Valizadeh:

The 1488 mob of the alt right, consisting of white purity enthusiasts who assemble on Twitter and 4Chan, has gone from being a fringe portion of the alt right to the dominant, most numerous, and most vocal force that examines the blood purity of alt right members and that of their girlfriends and associates (I’ve even seen members demand genetic test results to prove percentage of whiteness). Starting in December of 2015, this mob began attempting to purge moderates from the alt right who dared to follow non-white people on Twitter, or who took a vacation to an Asian country to flirt with non-white women. They also came after me, sending hundreds of angry tweets for the main reason that I’m not white but am seen as attractive and masculine by white women.

alt-right-unhinged copy

The alt right has begun doing what they wanted to do all along: control the sexual choices of men. The following two conditions must now be met if you are to be accepted into their e-movement:

  • If you’re a white male, you’re forbidden to sleep with a non-white girl, because that is “race mixing” and goes against their race platform, even though the white race was certainly produced as a result of pre-historic race mixing.
  • If you’re a non-white male, you’re not allowed to sleep with a white girl, because you’re a nigger/kebab/gook, and you must be deported from the country you happen to be a citizen of or outright killed.

I’ve gotten messages from hundreds of self-proclaimed members of the alt right who say I can’t be “in” their movement, even though I have never contributed for an alt right site or spoken at one of their functions. One man said I can only be a member if I don’t sleep with white women, and I’ve seen the mob attack other men who have non-white girlfriends. The alt right has gone from a possible political alternative to a frustrated mob that wants to control the sexual choices of all men. With whom have we encountered that before?


No offense to actually mentally disabled people, but this is some of the most retarded BS I’ve ever read. Is this the alt-right, or social-justice warriors? (Move over, progressive campus administrators: the new Sex Police are here!) If these people are advocating for National SOCIALISM, then I’m inclined to think both. Indeed, Nazism has rather Leftist ideas about ‘social justice’ itself.

Even commenters on sophisticated alt-right blogs are not immune to Hitler-worship. One idiot on American Renaissance claimed Churchill was the original ‘cuckservative’ for opposing der Fuehrer. 

Wow…way to s*** on your ancestors, who valiantly fought and died to preserve your freedoms from a genocidal psychopath!

That being said, here’s a few hints I have for the alt-right if it ever seeks to become a viable movement:

  1. For all of you that seem to love ‘fascism’ so much, take a look at the fascists in your own backyard. (I’m looking at you, Black Lives Matter…) Or simply move to North Korea, and then tell me how much you love your beloved fascism. North Korea is ethnically homogenous; has a tightly-controlled socialist economy; has a vicious and militant nationalism; and literally has a cult of worship for its authoritarian Dear Leader. So that’s what you really want? Yeah, that’s what I thought.
  2. Stop peddling in conspiracy theories. Yes, the Holocaust happened. Six million Jews died. Hitler did it. Get over it. No, Jews are not pulling the strings on your life, or planning to turn the world into a Zionist superstate. Jews might be the smartest ethnic group, but I’m pretty sure they’re not smart enough to maintain a massive conspiracy for thousands of years to perpetually subvert the white race. Indeed, I’m not quite sure why Zionism is such a problem for the alt-right. Isn’t it Jewish ethnocentrism – and it’s good for each race to be ethnocentric, right? The Jew obsession is creepy and paranoid. It needs to stop.
  3. Perhaps most importantly, stop creating intraracial hatred. This does not apply to the alt-right leaders, who are more than happy to welcome minorities into the mix, so long as they believe in preserving Western civilization through a white majority. No: this applies to the losers I evidenced above. Telling important truths about races, whether they be blacks, Jews, or whites, does not mean it is OK to practice hatred towards these groups. By the way, I’m pretty sure that if you look like a white European, you probably are a white European. So stop being autistic about how much Teutonic blood the ideal society needs, or that the Irish are a lesser race, or whatever.

While the alt-right has been spot-on in criticizing the Conservative Movement for being too ‘respectable,’ the alt-right has some serious image cleaning to do itself. Alt-rightism will never become a viable movement in America if it continues to promote the Leftist practices of authoritarianism, socialism, and Progressivist racial attitudes (once again, think Sanger and Hitler).

It will succeed if it continues to promote the American Rightist practices of Christianity, a limited but powerful government, regulated capitalism, and ethnocentrism that does not create hatred. These reasons are why Donald Trump has been so successful: for the alt-rightists who despise Christianity, limited government, and capitalism, and glorify in racial nonsense, their movement is doomed to Internet forums for eternity.

The alt-right is a young movement, and beyond the importance of race and preserving our Western culture, it has many and competing strains of thought. Should gays be welcomed into the movement? Or should they be dismissed as degenerate freaks? Should Israel be abandoned as an American ally? Or should it continue to be a valuable asset to our nation? Is America worth saving? Or should it be abandoned altogether?

These are questions I will let the alt-right fight over: I have no desire to insert myself into these discussions if they inevitably dissolve into intellectual degeneracy, as evidenced above. Until the alt-right becomes more ideologically cohesive, I will continue to promote its ideas when they are worthy – but brutally mock its lapses of Hitler-worship, too.

For more on the problems of the alt-right, read THIS.

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