My love/hate affair with the alt-right: Part One

For those of you following this blog, it should come as no secret that I have definitely been influenced by the latest political trend: the so-called alternative Right, or ‘alt-right.’ From my strong critiques of Conservatism Inc. (that phrase itself being coined by alt-right luminary Peter Brimelow), to the motto found at the top of this blog, to my own designation as a ‘Rightist’ rather than a conservative, the alt-right has deeply influenced my thinking of late in a way Movement Conservatism has not.

What is the alt-right? Simply put, it is a nationalist movement aimed at preserving Western civilization. In tandem with this, alt-right ideology presents truths that are too uncomfortable for most people in both the Left and in the Conservative Movement to bear:

  • Race is not a social construct. It is a biological phenomenon. It is not simply skin pigmentation, either. There are real and observable differences between races. See more on this below.
  • There are two different definitions of racism: ethnocentrism and bigotry. Ethnocentrism, and the closely related concept of ethno-nationalism, are normal and healthy attitudes of a society, despite what Leftist psychologists might claim. Racial bigotry, on the other hand, is Adolf Hitler, black slavery, and Hutu vs. Tutsi. Understand this difference.
  • Culture and race run together. You can’t put twenty million Arabs in Sweden and expect it to still remain Sweden, for example. The values of a culture are the values of that culture’s race.
  • What made America, and by extension the rest of Western civilization, not only unique but great was its vastly white majority. Limited government, free speech, respect for the rule of law: all of these values and more are uniquely Northern European in origin. Even within the West, different nations have different values, which is why, if America is to be preserved, its uniquely Anglo-Saxon heritage must also be preserved.
  • ‘Diversity’/’multiculturalism’ has been a failure. It is normal for societies to have minorities – but that’s why they’re called ‘minorities.’ Two or more races of vastly different values cannot live side-by-side in a ‘liberal, Western democracy’ and pretend everything is OK.
  • Perhaps most importantly, the notion that “all men are created equal” – not before their Creator, but actually, physically equal, is a lie. Genetic racial differences in intelligence (most notably) are real, and ethnic intelligence is closely associated with the well-being of a society. Thus: the importation of low-IQ groups into high-IQ nations is bound to lead only to disaster for the native, high-IQ inhabitants. This is being witnessed firsthand in America and Europe today.

These truths are enough for many to hyperventilate that they are inspired by the KKK. But I am not afraid of these truths. Indeed, they were once known to everyone on both the Left and Right in a time when racism was the norm. (To be fair, Rightists simply acknowledged them – think of merely excluding Jews from country clubs – while Leftists went overboard with them – think of Margaret Sanger and Hitler’s death camps.) Why, then, have we allowed these truths to fall solely into the hands of ACTUAL bigots for the past several decades? We don’t have to return to Jim Crow and government-enforced segregation for these truths to be made apparent!

Don’t get me wrong – there are bigots out there in the alt-right. I’ll get to them in the next post. But the moment the Right decided to cede to the Left’s ‘diversity’ schtick and apply the words of the Declaration of Independence not as poetry, but as policy, that was the moment we lost – and we’ve been losing ever since. 

The alt-right is more than welcome to call these conservatives ‘cuckservatives’ for their stubborn refusal to not play by the Left’s rules, especially when it comes to the issue of race. Conservatives lost all credibility when they decided not to fight for the most important thing worth conserving – racially-based cultural heritage.

The truths listed above are some of the things I love about the alt-right. I also love their willingness to call BS on racial pandering; their lack of blind adherence to libertarian economic principles; their critique of soulless individualism; and their emphasis on health, fitness, and masculinity. Compare these pictures of leaders of the alt-right with the leaders of Conservatism Inc.: they tell you everything you need to know about the two movements.

Furthermore, the exciting intellectual work on the Right is happening within the alt-right, not in the Conservative Movement. While The Federalist opines on how ‘Pokemon Go’ proves the greatness of capitalism, the alt-right discusses ancient history, philosophy, and genetic and behavioral research.

The alt-right also excels at trolling, triggering both Movement Conservatives and Leftists with hilarious Twitter memes. In short, the alt-right is everything that Conservatism Inc. has tried to be (and failed miserably at): fun, edgy, and bold. As alt-right leader Richard Spencer once said, Conservatism Inc. is run by “dorks.” Real, non-‘cucked’ intellects hang out on the alt-right.

This all being said, while I might have been ‘red-pilled,’ I’m not quite ready to describe myself as a full-fledged member of the alt-right just yet. There are some aspects to this movement that make me wary. Part Two of this series will explain why this is so.

For an excellent description of factions of the alt-right, read THIS.

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