I hate Libertarians

I hate Libertarians. Not as people – mind you, because I’m a Christian – but their dumb ideas.

The libertarians who don’t call themselves ibertarian are OK – they’re just right-wingers. No, I hate the ideology of Gary Johnson-esque Libertarians (here forth to be spelled with a capital L). It’s simply cultural Marxism with a free-market fetish.

I hate even the word ‘libertarian’ itself. If there is one word I would love to strike from the political lexicon, it would be ‘libertarian’: it has become utterly washed out, abused, and devoid of meaning. It used to mean something like ‘lover of liberty,’ but no longer. Case in point: before my rant really gets going, perhaps a few caveats about this word are in order, based on my extensive observation:

All Rightists are, to some extent, intrinsically libertarian. This goes for everyone: from the right-leaning neocons to the non-socialist alt-rightists. All Rightists, regardless of their appreciation or lack thereof for nationalism or other collective mindsets, support a limited government, freedom of speech, some type of market economy, etc. Exactly how limited this government needs to be; how much speech should be free; or how strictly the economy should be regulated are all vigorously debated within the confines of the Right – but we view ourselves first and foremost as individuals, not as a cog in a giant, destructive, hive-mind machine.

‘Libertarian’ is often a code word for ‘I’m a conservative, I just don’t like the baggage of the word ‘conservative.’ Before the emergence of the alt-right a few years ago, if one disagreed with Conservatism Inc. orthodoxy on abortion or gay marriage, or if one was nonreligious, such a person usually called himself a libertarian to distinguish himself from the liberty-hating maniacs on the Left. For all its faults, Conservatism Inc. actually gets it right on abortion and gay marriage (at least I think), but I still maintain respect for at least some of these dissenting conservatives – for that is indeed what they are.

(There actually seems to be an overlap of some of these libertarians with the alt-right. People like Stefan Molyneux might be more socially liberal on the gay issue, for instance, and into free-market economics more than most on the alt-right, but they aren’t afraid to Go There when it comes to racial issues. Unlike big-L Libertarians, these people actually care about preserving Western civilization.)

Libertarian is also a code word for a right-winger who puts a disproportionate emphasis on liberty in his personal philosophy. Such libertarians would be Rand Paul and Alex Jones, as well as the American Founding Fathers. Unlike the members of Libertarianism Inc., all of these individuals are certainly on the Right, and they were/are certainly interested in conserving “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Having attempted to qualify what a ‘libertarian’ is, I can now get down to business. First, what’s all this brouhaha over Gary Johnson? From what I can tell, he seems rather obnoxious. He confirms what Milo Yiannopoulos said, in essence, about Libertarians: all they care about is weed and hacking. Oh, and now we can add ‘open borders’ to the list as well.

Despite Rand Paul’s assurances to the public, present-day Libertarianism is indeed synonymous with libertinism. It has devolved from a right-wing philosophy espoused by the Founders, to a bizarre and incoherent policy mishmash of ‘fiscal conservatism and social liberalism’ dominated by sex, weed, anti-military and anti-police sentiments, and massive Third-World immigration policy.

(When Libertarians bemoan their lack of votes from the American public, they should perhaps consider this obvious but fundamental point: social conservatism and fiscal conservatism tend to naturally align, as do social and fiscal liberalism.)

There is nothing – nothing – in today’s Libertarian movement that the Founders would recognize as having a place in their own philosophy. Thus it is particularly egregious when fellows of the Cato Institute claim they stand on the shoulders of Jefferson and Locke. Please.

Libertarians like to think of themselves as ‘edgy’and ‘transcending the two-party divide,’ but in reality, they’re a bunch of nerds who want to be hot stuff and will gladly jump on the bandwagon of the ‘cool cat,’ pot-smoking Johnson. The prophesied ‘Libertarian moment’ in American politics has never come, and Americans are rejecting open-borders Libertarianism in favor of an ‘America First’ ideology espoused by You-Know-Who.

Why, at the beginning of this article, did I imply that Libertarians really weren’t libertarian (i.e. ‘lovers of liberty’)? Because they’re not. Libertarians as we see today aren’t even on the Right – they’re Leftists through and through.

Libertarians hate Christianity, as it constrains their promiscuous, drug-fueled lifestyles (real or imaginary, but usually imaginary). Leftists hate Christianity as well, for the same reason.

Libertarians hate the concept of national sovereignty, as it gets in the way of having a borderless, rudderless, world filled with human beings who are little better than atomized parts in a machine. What is borders? What is culture? Why no free trade? What is human being? Leftists hate the concept of national sovereignty, for the same reason.

Libertarians hate liberty itself, as it leads to outcomes that contradict their SJW narrative. Gary Johnson would force conservative Christian bakers to bake cakes for a gay wedding. He would also force Jews to bake cakes for Nazis. How does this square with the concept of ‘free association’ that Libertarians claim to espouse, but as Ann Coulter pointed out, never publicly declare to their liberal cohorts? Hmm. Leftists hate liberty, for the same reason.

Libertarians also have a fundamental need to reorder society, or rather, render it meaningless. Like the Left, they claim they don’t ‘hate the poor’ – but how is glorifying – not just ‘tolerating’ – the influx of cultural Marxism into society a good thing? Whether sexual, drug-related, etc., the relentless crush of behaviors fueled by cultural Marxism inevitably lead to economic Marxism – which makes us all poorer: materially, morally, and spiritually.

The cry of ‘Do your own thing’ is a motto of both Libertarians and Leftists – but the flip side of the coin, ‘Do what I say,’ is publicly recognized only by the Left and not by Libertarians. From what I’ve said about them above, don’t count on Libertarians to protect your liberty, either.

The Russian historian, mathematician, and sociologist Igor Schafarevich wrote perhaps the greatest treatise on socialism to date, The Socialist Phenomenon. In this book, he lists the four defining characteristics of the Left:

  • Hostility to the family
  • Hostility to Christianity
  • Hostility to private property
  • Hostility to individuality

Based on these characteristics, I would place my bets that Libertarianism is indeed a highly anarchistic Left-wing ideology. Libertarians’ bizarre social policies undermine the family unit, as well as the larger ‘family unit’ of the nation-state. They hate Christianity because it constrains the individual’s atavistic urges. Libertarians may glorify private property and individuality in theory, but in practice could care less about them if individuals and their property stand in way of social justice.

What is even more frightening is the depth to Libertarianism has entered the conservative movement. Thanks to the likes of William Buckley, we have had to endure decades of free-trade, open-borders, cultural Marxist policy that would have been foreign to any previous Presidential administration, but which was widely pushed forward by ‘conservatives’ and Leftists alike.

Can Rightists excise this foreign philosophy antithetical to ours? With the rise of Trump, cheered by millions but hated on by the Libertarian Left, I would say we have a pretty good shot of doing so.

In closing, I’d like to vary off a theme by Milo: Libertarianism is cancer.

Ladies and gents, I’m out.


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