NeverTrump’s pathetic shelf life

Following Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech last week, conservative pundits took to Twitter to express their amazement that the Democratic nominee had ‘stolen’ Republican talking points. (A Breitbart headline said it best: “Useful idiots: ‘Conservative’ pundits gaga over Democrat parlor tricks.”) Hillary had talked about God, faith, freedom, liberty, and 9/11: no Democrat ever used to do this! She must be running as the conservative candidate this election, then – it’s Morning in America over there with the Dems, folks!

The literal weeping over “What has my party come to?” was incredible and confirmed every suspicion Trump supporters have had about their Republican opposition: NeverTrump, at its highest levels, is helping to elect Hillary Clinton as our next President. Say a few pretty words about a ‘shining city on a hill,’ throw in a Reagan quote or two, and voila: the talking heads fall in adoration – even if the rest of the convention at which these words were uttered was filled with blatant anti-Americanism, anti-police rhetoric, anti-white racism, and socialism/communism.

The Conservatism, Inc. leaders of NeverTrump are, as has been pointed out numerous times on the internet over the past year, truly emasculated cucks. (This word might have originally had a vulgar connotation; but calling these people a word that was once crude is less-than-sufficent vengeance for what they have done to our country.) If all that ‘conservatism’ means to these people is simply a few niceties and platitudes about limited government, then by all means it is safe to assume that ‘conservatism’ never really meant anything to these people anyway.

Thankfully, since the Convention, NeverTrump’s death spiral continues unabated. The vast majority of Cruz people, who are rational and decent individuals, have come over to the Trump camp. Evangelicals and Catholics support Trump in large numbers as well. The traitorous neocons and libertarians are jumping ship for the Democratic Party where they belong. The leaders of NeverTrump have been exposed as nannying, busybody tyrants; mentally unstable sociopaths; pathetic losers who failed at life; vain, pretentious twits; and pedophile enablers. (Yes, that last one is also true.)

Ninety percent of the Republican Party has now unified behind Trump. Those who continue to oppose him, ordinary people who are not of the above string of vicious but disturbingly accurate insults, must decide: will I listen to the voice of reason, not paranoia, and vote for the man who can at least stall our Leftist-induced decline? Or, like the Establishment figures I claim to despise, will I follow their lead and fall for the evil schemes of Hillary and the Left?



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