Dems in meltdown

Was I supposed to have watched the Democratic National Convention? Because I didn’t.

I know, I know, I’m a political junkie and patriotic citizen, so it’s my duty to stay informed, etc. But I wasn’t so sure I was interested in listening to a crusty Vladimir Lenin wannabe and the Duchess of Chappaqua pander for four days to blacks, Hispanics, principled goodwhites, Wall Street investors, and communists. But don’t worry, dear reader – while I didn’t watch, I did read.

Speaking of communism, from what I can tell, the Democratic Party has indeed completed its transition from the Party of Jefferson to the latest front of international Marxism. No American flags were to be seen onstage the first night of the convention – but plenty of Soviet and Palestinian flags were carried by protestors. The platform adopted was breathtakingly Left-wing; an incredible amount of food was thrown on the floor by stereotypically unkept radicals who happened to be delegates; and just like in any Soviet satellite state, WikiLeaks courteously revealed that everyone’s suspicions were indeed correct: the Democratic primaries were rigged from the highest levels from the start. “Workers of the world, unite” indeed!

Of course, normal Americans have come to expect this type of behavior from their far-Left cohorts, but what was surprising this year was the incredible animus that Bernie supporters have for Her Majesty. As I’ve said before, nothing unites the warring factions of the Left like the sheer hatred of the Right – but right now, there appears to be no unity on the Left at all.

Right-wingers should watch this with interest, because this type of thing appears to be a historical pattern: with the bizarre amount of violence, endless but catchy chanting, and refusal to submit to Her because She isn’t ‘pure’ enough, I feel almost transported back to revolutionary Moscow, circa 1917. The Bolsheviks and Mensheviks are at it again, folks!

(Of course, if this really were revolutionary Moscow, the Berners would have ended up in a gulag by now.)

Bernie’s revolution has failed – he never saw it coming. Why some people, even on the Right, believe that Donald Trump was never serious about running for President I have no idea. Because Bernie sure wasn’t. His supporters will now split the vote: the far-Left agitators and/or idealists will vote for Jill Stein, some other individual, or (if they’re dumb Millennials) won’t vote at all. The militant/authoritarian and practical/mainstream Leftists will cede to Hillary. And the working class who voted for Sanders – not because they’re socialists, but because they opposed the Iraq War, the TPP, and because their entire family have been Democratic for generations – will vote for Trump.

A hack writing for The New Republic recently declared how dreadful the Republican Convention was. We were only feigning unity, apparently.

But the same writer crowed how united the Democratic Convention was – what appeared to be extreme disorder therein was only a figment of my imagination, I suppose. Because this individual is part of the Left-wing Dishonest Media, the exact opposite is true.

The Republican Convention was only a ‘disaster’ to the media because Donald Trump was peacefully nominated with minimal resistance, and the Democratic Convention was a ‘success’ because Girl Power 101 achieved her coronation despite massive resistance, acts of violence, and widespread anti-American animus.

Of course, this success might be called into question very soon. Post-coronation night, The Hill isn’t looking so hot…


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