Why are liberals so obsessed with Nazis?

NOTICE TO LIBERAL READERS: Do I think ALL liberals are Nazis? Of course not – but there’s far too many on the left side of the aisle for my liking.

In the wake of the Republican National Convention, the Leftist media went berserk when conservative commentator Laura Ingraham’s wave to her audience was caught at an inopportune time.

But that’s all it was – an unfortunate, split-second moment when her hand just so happened to resemble a Nazi salute. That’s all.

Why am I so sure of this? Because the liberal media was unable to uncover anything at all suggesting that Ingraham is, in fact, a National Socialist. (Of course, none other than Our Dear Lady gets a free pass when it comes to such things.)

Ingraham’s faux scandal is just one more example of the particularly ‘anti-fascist’ rhetoric issuing from the Left this election cycle – even more so than usual, if that’s even possible. It seems every week there is some new controversy about Trump being ‘literally Hitler,’ an anti-Semite, a white supremacist, etc. etc. It’s been going on for about a year, and I’m beginning to get slightly tired of it.

That being said, why are Leftists so obsessed with Nazis? I’m no Sigmund Freud, but for all the Nazi obsessions liberals have, you’d think they’re projecting. I‘d venture to say they, in fact, are.

Nazism/fascism is indeed a Left-wing philosophy. Sorry, no offense, but it’s true – I’m pretty sure the Nazis meant they were, in fact, socialists when they called themselves National Socialists. (But for the same people who deny ISIS is actually Islamic and that Muslims have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism, admitting their archenemies were practitioners of Marxist doctrine must be a tough pill to swallow.)

If prioritizing the collective over the individual; advocating for eugenics and abortion; using science as a means of public control; having a government-dominated economy; rejecting Judaism and Christianity as dangerous and subversive while promoting nature worship; and advocating for the overthrow of the bourgeoise while secretly kissing up to them are all Nazi attributes, than I’d say that yeah, modern-day Leftism is essentially National Socialism for the twenty-first century. 

So, then, just what are the attributes of Nazism/fascism? I’ll list them below, and include examples of how a prominent Left-wing movement today fits the fascist bill perfectly:

Militaristic nationalism. This is not merely patriotism, or even nationalism. This is a nationalism that sees one’s nation (that is, ethnicity, race) as not simply superior in some facets as compared to others in an objective sense: rather, the ‘nation’ in question is THE dominant race, and must seek to conquer and subjugate all others – which are considered subhuman. Fascism closely parallels communism when it calls for a ‘race war,’ or a conflict of nations, which is to be seen as a cleansing fire for The People: it will wash away the old order in preparation for a new yet restored order. Just as the proletariat are oppressed by the bourgeoise in communist ideology, and must rise up and claim their rightful inheritance; so the Master Race, which has been oppressed by other races in National Socialist ideology, must rise up and likewise claim its rightful inheritance.

Black lives have been oppressed by whites since time immemorial. The descendants of slaves who have always been manipulated and controlled by their white masters, it is now time for them to rise and overthrow all the old laws and customs – even Western civilization itself – that Whitey has unjustly forced on us. The slaying of unarmed black bodies by the forces of whiteness is the perfect opportunity for inducing a race war, that will liberate us from the shackles of Whitey and allow us to return to our pre-American roots.

Economic/political socialism. Was Hitler’s Germany a capitalist paradise? I don’t think so. Heavy government intervention in a fascistic economy is widely encouraged and practiced. The Master Race must have complete social justice; therefore, the government will provide for the Race’s every need in an overarching welfare state. Not only economic, but political socialism will be practiced as well: the individual is taught not to think of what he can do for himself, but what part he must play in furthering the Race’s narrative. Complete socialization must be enforced; therefore, the government will embark on massive building projects to showcase its power and the power of the collective. This in turn will also showcase the complete lack of power the individual possesses in such a regime.

Black Lives Matter is all about social, racial, environmental justice. We act globally – from France to Canada to the streets of Ferguson – but we think locally. Deray McKesson can’t do everything on his own. By himself he is weak – but together, as we march like the Black Panthers through the streets, chanting in perfect unison, raising our fists, we are ONE.

Scapegoating and premeditated killing of a certain group. In Left-wing ideology, whether communism or fascism, there is always an Other that stands in the way of progress. In communism this Other is the bourgeoise; in fascism this is another race. Hitler’s Other was Jews and Slavs; today the mainstream Left’s Other is white people. In order for social justice to be achieved, the People must be avenged through the shedding of the Other’s blood. There is to be no rest until this is accomplished.

In BLM, we view the police as symbols of white oppression that stand in way of racial justice. Therefore, they have to die – all of them. “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon! What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now!” For a long time violence was discouraged; but now, we can’t wait. It’s time to be liberated. “No justice, no peace; no justice, no peace!”

So how does this all tie together? Simply put, radical Leftists are terrified of being portrayed as Nazis – because that’s what they are. Nazis are the scapegoat villain of Western society, so Leftists calling their opponents as such is an easy smear. Nazis were defeated at the height of their power; Communists were our allies while doing so.

Leftists’ dark desire is to act like Nazis, to be them – but they can’t, so long as civilized society has control. But in today’s age, as campus social-justice warriors and BLM gear up to do battle on Western values, the Left’s cries of Nazis around every corner begins to ring more and more hollow.


Photo from TheDailyBeast.com


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