Make conventions great again!

I apologize to my readers – I would have gotten to this earlier, but I’ve been on the road recently and haven’t had much time to do any writing in peace.

How about that 2016 Republican National Convention? Thanks to none other than Our Hero, it was perhaps the most exciting – and intense – Convention in decades. Here’s eight things I love about this year’s Convention:

Bye-bye Bushes! For once, the annoyingly neoconservative and very clannish Bush dynasty didn’t make an appearance. Their Establishment cohorts – John McCain, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, etc. – thankfully stayed home too. With their promises to not attend, the Convention was already improved before it even began.

The defeat of NeverTrump. After crying and moaning for months that the will and conscience of the voters was superseding their own wills and consciences, NeverTrump and their ridiculous antics were finally put to rest. Months of desperate scheming and conniving were thwarted when 1) NeverTrump’s call for a roll-call vote was denied, and 2) when the final delegate count came in.

NeverTrump delegates were horrified when – after before walking out in a fit of rage – their misfiled paperwork ended up giving Trump the nomination. They immediately took to their periodicals to complain that the ‘Party of Trump’ was ‘crushing dissent,’ but this accusation is pretty rich, considering these same people had every intention of shutting down the dissent that Trump supporters introduced. Having been outfoxed by their own rules, I can only say this with a smile: Karma’s a b**** if you are, darlings.

The implosion of Ted Cruz. Anyone who still thinks Trump is an ‘orange buffoon’ is obviously a buffoon himself. Trump knew in advance what Cruz was going to say (or not say), and gave him the prime opportunity to do so – in order to prove that Cruz was indeed  ‘Lyin’ Ted,’ as well as a petty and vindictive character unfit to become President.

Sure enough, Trump’s strategy worked perfectly. All but the most stalwart of Cruz’s supporters were furious with their candidate for not endorsing Trump, and now Cruz’s political career has likely been ruined forever. Trump, of course, naturally managed to wave to the crowd in the background at the precise moment Cruz did not endorse him. I couldn’t stop laughing.

It didn’t have to be this way – Cruz could have stopped taking things personally for once, endorsed the Donald, and gotten himself a job as Solicitor General. Alas, it now seems Texans will, in the future, vote their consciences in midterm elections – against Cruz.

Trump’s hot, intelligent, successful family. Meet the Trumps – America’s next royal family. Unlike the spoiled, unattractive, unintelligent, America-hating, socialistic First Family currently in office, the Trumps are just the opposite in every respect.

Having made their careers in real estate, not Marxist racial theory, the Trump family has an immediate appeal to the vast majority of Americans. The extravagance of their lifestyle and their varied successes in business, finance, fashion, etc. gives something for Americans to look up to. Their kindness and genuine compassion they have for their fellow citizens – as evidenced by Ivanka’s speech – touches the hearts of millions. And the patriotism of the family – from Slovenian-born Melania to Donald Jr. to the Don himself – are the perfect antidote to the America-hating BS as practiced by our Leftist overlords.

Trump’s speech. “It was so DARK!” said the media. “It was so GREAT!” said America.

The other speeches. The Republican Convention had its most fantastic lineup of speakers in a long time. From Sheriff Clarke to Laura Ingraham, to Patti Smith to the Lone Survivor, from Rudy Giuliani to an energetic Ben Carson – this year’s speeches and their speakers were hard-hitting, tough-talking, anti-Hillary, pro-Trump, and high energy. What more do we want? Low-energy Clint Eastwood can take his chair and go home.

The adoption of the most right-wing platform in Party history. But I thought Trump was supposed to destroy conservatism?

The embrace of both gays and Evangelicals. Can I get an amen to this new, unified Republican Party? Not all of us are interested in baking cakes for each other, but STILL – can’t we have an America for all Americans, where no one has to worry about getting killed or persecuted for their religion or lifestyle? The Republican Party of 2016 seems to think so! The Dems beg to differ.

BONUS: Cenk Uygur’s meltdown. The nutty but goodhearted non-Libertarian libertarian and anti-NWO advocate Alex Jones triggered the moronic Cenk Uygur and his ‘Young Turks’ cohort in this hilarious video. Of course, Uygur has a low IQ and poor impulse control, so perhaps this wasn’t that surprising. In all fairness, though, Uygur’s neuroticism is really not that different than the Left-wing media’s in its entirety.


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