‘Clinton Ca$h’: The Review

UPDATE (7.26.16): Despite doubts I expressed below about how progressives would receive this film, it seems to be doing very well, especially in Bernie-supporting circles. Congratulations, Mr. Schweizer!

Last night, thanks to the generosity of Breitbart.com, I had the pleasure of viewing Peter Schweizer’s new documentary, ‘Clinton Cash,’ for free.

Based on the book of the same name by Schweizer, ‘Clinton Cash’ debuted earlier this year at the Cannes Film Festival, and is already causing a stir with liberal media outlets. Lasting just over an hour, it made for a pleasant way to spend an evening – if lurid tales of political corruption and money laundering are your thing, of course.

The film seemed to be marketed to progressives of a Bernie bent, as it repeatedly referenced liberal causes the Clintons have betrayed: environmentalism, women’s rights, human rights, poverty. Schweizer is a conservative, and this film reinforced conservatives’ notions about Hillary; so it is uncertain whether progressives with doubts about the Clintons will be able to look past the film’s right-wing background and accept it for what it is.

Nevertheless, all progressives, especially Hillary supporters, should at least give this film their attention. It is indisputable that the Clinton Foundation is not everything it seems, and the extraordinary ambitions of the Clintons have a left a curious money trail throughout the world that pops up in some of its most repressive regimes.

‘Clinton Cash’ seemed to me introductory material, a brief overview of Schweizer’s book. Why? There seemed to be little depth to some of the claims presented: “The Clintons made a deal with so-and-so in [name corrupt country] for x amount.”

While I don’t doubt Schweizer’s research and the claims he presents, perhaps it would have been better reinforced with some more technicalities of the Clinton Foundation’s transactions, as well as interviews with other experts besides Schweizer himself. Convincing those from the other side is key; we must do everything in our power to ensure our arguments are not only hard-hitting, but fully substantiated with multiple witnesses.

If there is one thing to take away from this film, however, it is how easily the Clintons, and the institutional Left in general, so easily sell out their principles for material gain. This was already witnessed with Bernie; that the Clintons are in bed with regimes that exploit the environment and persecute the LGBT community should surprise no one. That one half of this couple has already reached the Presidency, and that the other half has an apparently good chance of doing so, shows the depth of corruption in both business and government to which the Clintons are no strangers.

Photo from TruthRevolt.com


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