Throwback Thursday: RIP Cruz!

I wrote this column in May of this year, once Trump had clinched the necessary delegates to ensure his nomination. Tonight, the occasion of his acceptance speech as well as Ted Cruz’ epic betrayal, I believe this appropriate to publish.

Eight months ago, I predicted the rise of Trump based on his opposition to political correctness, illegal immigration, and spineless Republican Establishment Congressmen.

I then proceeded to sit back and watch in delight as every one of my words were fulfilled. While for months pundits pontificated in endless articles on the ‘factors’ leading to Trump’s rise, I had saved myself the breath: in hindsight, it appears I have more brains (and brevity) than the entire editorial boards of every liberal and conservative media outlet combined (with the exceptions of Breitbart News, the Drudge Report and Ann Coulter, of course).

There were still the Cruz Crew people to deal with, however. I considered myself one of them, at least for a time: Cruz was the more typically ‘conservative’ half of the dynamic duo remaking the Republican Party, and the Donald’s unpredictability made me wary. But that changed when ‘Lyin’ Ted’ and his followers unleashed their true colors.

For being the supposedly ‘wholesome,’ ‘Christian’ wing of the conservative movement, the Cruz Crew, and its de facto equivalent #NeverTrump, had promoted in support of their now-defunct candidate, and continue to promote, an awful lot of defeatism, elitism, name-calling, virtue signaling, self-righteousness, groupthink, religious hysteria and just plain hysteria. And, of course, lying.

First Cruz lied about Ben Carson dropping out of the race during the Iowa caucuses. Then he lied about Trump’s opposition to abortion and single-payer healthcare. Liz Mair, a grungy ‘media specialist,’ was trotted out by the Cruz campaign to Tweet a less-than-perfect picture of Melania Trump, and somehow this disgraceful action was made to be the Donald’s fault. Cruz went further, accusing Trump of inciting violence – naturally, because why wouldn’t Trump want Communist social-justice warriors assaulting visitors to his own rallies?

Finally, in the most egregious move of all, Ted “Lucifer in the flesh” Cruz had the audacity to manipulate the infamous delegate steal in Colorado. This was a disgrace to democracy; but, as a nannying National Review gleefully reminded, “Rules are rules, Mr. Trump!”

Cruz’s minions could have not followed in the footsteps of their master in a more worthy fashion. National Review’s enthroned a**hole-in-residence, Kevin D. Williamson, announced in October that the “masses” were “stupid,” and needed to be lectured by their intellectual superiors on conservative orthodoxies each election cycle. In March, in a paroxysm of benevolence, he declared white working-class communities “deserved to die.” Lovely!

And I’m supposed to be the deranged one? Give me a break.

Trump’s supporters have been brutally mocked over the past eleven months for being hysterical followers of a ‘buffoon,’ but nothing quite exemplifies hysteria and buffoonery like the sad saga of Glenn Beck.

Facing a media empire on the verge of collapse, he nonetheless found time to preemptively administer the oath of office to Cruz; call two day-long fasts in support of his candidate; scold Evangelicals who voted for Trump as not being true Christians; make wild assertions about Cruz fulfilling an obscure Mormon prophecy; and, in his final delirium, immerse his face in a bowl of crushed Cheetos. He then warned he would be “suicidal” if the Lord’s anointed did not win Indiana. Guess the hotline works, then!

Thankfully, however, karma eventually managed to step in. While Heidi Cruz extolled her Canadian-born husband as the Hispanic “immigrant” who would “unify” the Republican Party – just the type of person Americans want to lead the country in this era of mass illegal migration! – Trump danced circles around his prey, trolling Cruz and accusing his father, a preacher with theocratic sympathies, of being complicit in the JFK assassination.

Like the rest of them, Cruz fell for it. Trump’s mockery provoked rage in Cruz, and he denounced the former as a “narcissistic, sociopathic, habitual liar” – or something like that. Whereupon he self-destructed, and the reign of the ‘Zodiac Killer’ was ended.

Ladies and gentlemen, if there is a moral to this story, perhaps it can be derived from 1 Corinthians: “For it is written: “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate.” Has this not been the case for the entire election cycle?

Yet the pundits will never learn. The meltdowns at National Review will not stop. The lack of humility and endless scolding practiced by these pundits, and the remnants of the Cruz Crew, will continue to drive ordinary Americans away from their ‘expertise’ – which, of course, is laughably, horribly wrong, time and time again. And as the final showdown between Clinton and Trump commences, the persecution fantasies of #NeverTrump will only increase. Sigh.

Perhaps it’s the combined German and Scottish heritage I share with the GOP frontrunner, but I find I have little tolerance for B.S., especially that practiced by the #NeverTrumpers. As the Donald himself would say to those ungrateful ‘conservatives’ who honestly believe a vote for Hillary over himself will save the Republic: Sad!


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