NeverTrump Lies, Part Four: ‘Trump is a horrible person!’

This was originally supposed to be a five-part series, but (thankfully), I find no reason to publish Part 5, ‘I need to vote my conscience!’ Reince Preibus has gotten a lot of flak from Trump supporters for being a part of the Establishment, but in light of this year’s Convention, we should be thankful he is preserving the unity of the Republican Party as to ensure a sound defeat of Hillary Clinton.

Although NeverTrump is politically dead at the moment, the anti-Trump sentiment among the virtuous pundit class of the Conservative Movement remains strong. Unlike ordinary conservatives who may not like the Donald, but recognize nonetheless that he is a far superior alternative to Hillary, nothing seems to be able to placate the RedStaters and National Reviewers amongst us. When Trump becomes President, he will likely face the most ferocious resistance not from the Left, whose ridiculous antics will ultimately discredit them in the eyes of the American public. Rather, endless attempts will be made by the Paul Ryans and Bill Kristols of the world to thwart Trump’s every whim and destroy the unity of the Party. Thankfully, if the recent past is anything to go by, they will fail miserably in their efforts. 

MYTH: Donald Trump is a horrible human being whom I cannot support in good conscience. He is cruel, authoritarian, tasteless, prideful, and has no virtue.

FACT: As I’ve stated previously, this election is not about electing a pastor or Pope. This is about saving the country.

If that isn’t enough reason to vote Trump, though, perhaps these acts of kindness Trump has done will sweeten the deal:

Trump saved a family farm, the owner of which had killed himself to obtain insurance money.

Trump intervened when President Obama would not, and provided aid to an imprisoned Marine in Mexico.

Trump saved the life of a kid with cancer.

So the next time Trump says he is a compassionate human being, perhaps you should stop believing everything the Leftist media tells you about him, and do a little digging for yourself.

Trump is breaking political correctness in ways that have never been done, and this is a process that will not always involve kindness and humility. And Christians and others who believe in just that would do well to remember it’s God who judges the heart and its intentions – not us. 

. . .

For those readers of mine who are Trump supporters, thank you for your support. I hope I have provided you with some arguments to use with your non-Trump conservative or liberal friends; or at least given you reassurance in your views. For those of you that are non-Trump conservatives or liberals, I hope I have at least given you pause in your denunciations of Trump, and I hope you will consider shifting your support his way. I would apologize for any harshness I may have used in this addressing your concerns, but the hour is late – this is war. I cannot apologize for anything.

That being said, it’s been a great first week of blogging – and I look forward to providing commentary on the Republican and Democratic Conventions! Stay tuned!


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