NeverTrump Lies, Part Three: ‘Trump is a Clinton plant!’

The myth that keeps on giving…

MYTH: The Left, which has a never-ending quest to destroy the Republican Party, finally found the perfect way to do so: Bill Clinton called up his old buddy Donald Trump and hatched a nefarious plot with him to ensure his wife would win the Presidency, AND destroy the credibility of the GOP forever, in one fell swoop. Through brazen, brash, vulgar, racist, and politically incorrect statements, Trump would turn enough people off of supporting conservatism so that Hillary could prevail, and the Left could reign over America forever. He would also likely receive a handsome kickback from the Clintons, too.

FACT: I don’t know where this conspiracy theory came from, but it never seems to go away. Just when you think it’s gone, it magically reappears, even in the pages of National Review or RedState, no less! Conservatives used to pride themselves on not giving in to Leftist scaremongering tactics. Sigh – how times have changed.

While it is true ol’ Bill called up the Don shortly before he launched his campaign, Bill never encouraged Trump to run. He was merely curious about the landscape on the Right, and wondered what influence Trump would have on it.

“But Trump was FRIENDS with the Clintons!”

Was he? Judging by the way he’s gone after Bill, accusing him of rape while tearing into Hillary at every possible chance, I’m not so sure ‘friends’ is the accurate word to describe this relationship. Being a powerful businessman, Trump has been close to many influential people on both the Left and Right. In these circles, friendly relationships do NOT indicate actual friendships. Doubtless Trump maintained ties with the Clintons for his own, calculating purposes.

Here’s another thing to think of: assuming Trump was never really friends with the Clintons, it’s a safe bet the Clintons were never really friends with him. Knowing Trump’s bombastic personality, power-hungry Bill and Hillary may have indeed hoped Trump would run, so they could safely ‘destroy’ him over ‘racist, intolerant’ remarks and ruin the GOP.

If that was their plan, it’s backfiring hard. Despite the hysteria from the Cruz Crew that Trump was doomed to lose against the Hildebeest in the general election, Trump is leading Her in the polls – again – and this at only a fraction of the cost that the Clintons have poured into their campaign. I could provide loads more evidence to how Trump is actually beating Clinton, but I’d like to challenge die-hard anti-Trumpers to read populist websites which have become immensely popular over the past year to prove my point – Breitbart or Drudge, perhaps?

Also, why would Trump back the Clintons if there was no monetary incentive to do so? As I’ve mentioned above, and as everybody already knows, the relationship between Trump and the Clintons was first and foremost monetary, NOT ideological. If this ‘Trump-campaigns-for-Hillary’ theory were accurate, I’m sure the Washington Post would have dug something up by now.

So while there was likely a Clinton plot to destroy the America Right forever, there is absolutely no evidence that Trump had anything to do with it. It’s time for the NeverTrumpers to calm down, and realize that supporting Hillary themselves actually isn’t helping their cause much.

Part Four coming soon…


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