NeverTrump Lies, Part One: ‘Trump and Hillary are the same!’

In honor of next week’s Republican National Convention (and in honor of the mission of this blog), I’ve decided to address some of the most pervasive myths thrust upon Donald Trump during this election cycle – not by the Leftist media, but by the NeverTrump movement: a bizarre coalition of neoconservatives, Christian Evangelicals, RINO squishes, and libertarians.

These myths have been extraordinarily pervasive, although they’ve thankfully begun to die away. Nevertheless, there still remain many on the Right who could perhaps use a different perspective than what is offered at RedState or National Review on a daily basis.

I plan on this being a five-part series, though there will be additions if any come to mind. This first will attempt to refute one of the most obnoxious myths out there: that Trump and Hillary are the same person.

Enjoy – and be informed!

. . .

MYTH: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are politically identical. They are both New York liberals, so voting for one is essentially voting for the other.

FACT: I don’t know if it’s willful ignorance or sheer disgust at the Donald’s personality (probably both), but this one I really don’t understand. I would encourage NeverTrumpers to take a look first at Hillary’s, then Donald’s platforms. Then tell me if they’re identical – no lying!

Since when were 1) securing the border, 2) becoming competitive with Chinese manufacturing, 3) defending the Second Amendment, 4) looking after veterans, etc. NOT conservative positions? Is Hillary saying this? Open your eyes, people!

This criticism also appears to be regularly issued by social conservatives who view Trump as less-than-pure on the hot-button issues. Here’s the facts: Trump personally does not support gay marriage. He has been anti-abortion for seventeen years: his belief in exceptions in the case of rape/incest/life of mother is actually held by a plurality of American voters.

For a man who Christianity, Inc. loves to snipe at for not attending church every Sunday, I’d say those positions are pretty impressive!

Trump has also broken the hated regime of political correctness, which, by the way, no regularly-churchgoing Christian has ever done. Trump even fought back against the obnoxious ‘Happy Holidays’ schtick, vowing for the use of ‘Merry Christmas’ instead.

Trump could have been stronger when it came to the transgender bathroom bill in North Carolina, but he was likely seeking to avoid controversy that day he was interviewed. Furthermore, the transgender bathroom brouhaha was so ridiculous, that Trump may have inadvertently helped himself by refusing to give a direct answer on the issue.

It must be remembered that social issues are, in fact, NOT the biggest issues this election: immigration and national security are, which are the core of Trump’s platform. Without these, we can’t even have a country in which to debate social issues!

“But Trump flip-flops! We can’t trust him!”

Really? Oh, so I guess Mitt Romney and Ted Cruz NEVER ‘flip-flopped.’ Trump has evolved over the years politically, that’s true; but has it ever crossed the collective mind of NeverTrump that if he wanted to run as a liberal Democrat, he could have done so? Why would he have chosen to run in the party of Reagan? If he were really a liberal, why would he be trying so hard to appeal to conservatives?

And besides, whining about Trump’s “lack of honor” is BS when compared to the lying, traitorous criminality of Hillary. Sorry, no offense, but it’s true!

Part Two to come soon…


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