Can you hear us now, NeverTrump?

After every national tragedy – which, unfortunately, seem to occur more and more often – something rather interesting happens.

President Obama, Hillary, and Donald Trump all give speeches or issue statements providing their thoughts on the said tragedy. Unsurprisingly, the statements issued by our leading Leftist politicians tend to be – how shall we say it? – unfulfilling.

Trump’s speeches or statements, meanwhile, tend to be not only thoughtful and well-measured, but impressive, even Presidential in quality.

This, of course, occurs after everyone who hates Trump on both the Left and Right has denounced the ‘Orange Buffoon’ for his supposed lack of statesmanship and understanding.

Although this is an obvious, albeit macabre thing to say, Trump’s popularity actually rises following each tragedy. Why?

Maybe he doesn’t blame white people for racism in the light of the Dallas massacre, or repeat the trope about Islam being a ‘religion of peace’ after 129 people are gunned down in a Paris theatre.

Perhaps he actually does cut through the BS foisted by the Left on the most important issues. A tell-it-like-it-is attitude, coupled with a Presidential demeanor, beats the tired old lies issuing from the mouth of Hillary Rodham Clinton any day.

Over the past year, Americans have displayed an increasing unwillingness to keep on buying the myths of the Left. Thanks to Donald Trump, white, right-wing, gun-toting Christians refused to be beat into submission every time the Left accuses their race, their religion, their political ideology, or the NRA for whatever disaster strikes. It’s getting harder for the Left to lie, and they know it, too.

Which is why the criticisms of NeverTrump for the aforementioned ‘Orange Buffoon’ ring hollow. Trump has provided the most powerful ammunition in the hour of deepest need to ordinary Americans when they need it most – and the shills behind NeverTrump, of course, haven’t. Maybe that’s why Trump beat Jeb! Bush? Just a thought.

So NeverTrump: can you hear us now?


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