Bernie the broken

It was bound to happen, sooner or later: Crooked Hillary has broken Crazy Bernie. He has endorsed her as Democratic Presidential nominee. Her coronation is officially inevitable.

The Democratic National Committee is either very foolish, very audacious, or very corrupt  – likely all three. Bernie would have given Trump a run for his money, but in the end, even he had to bow before the dog-barking, career criminal Duchess of Chappaqua.

When Bernie’s Marxian ‘people’s revolution’ was first underway, I thought him to be no different than any other Leftist candidate: they’re all socialists at heart; they merely debate about timing and logistics.

My impression of Bernie changed in the past few months, however, from outright mockery to grudging respect: Here was a man, who, after all, stood by his principles of opposing the Iraq War, and of refusing to sell out American jobs to giant transnational corporations – two of the Donald’s keynote positions, by the way.

Would he remain behind these principles in face of the Hildebeest? Or would he eventually succumb?

I needn’t have wondered. My initial impression of Bernie of being a typical Leftist with no principles whatsoever was, indeed, correct. Sheer hatred of the Right unites the warring factions of the Left like nothing else, and rather than endorsing Trump, with whom he at least shares some economic policy, Bernie in endorsing Hillary revealed his true aim: not to protest against big corporations and their puppets, (Hillary et al.), but to bring the socialist ‘revolution’ to America through any means necessary, and continue its transformation into a Marxist state.

What will happen to his supporters? Many of them are dumb Millennials who can’t decide whether they love or hate capitalism, so most of them probably won’t vote – period. Most likely they weren’t going to anyway, even if Bernie were the nominee.

Bernie’s politically engaged supporters however, whom I respect, will either cave as their leader did and vote for Hillary, or will cast a protest vote for the Green, Jill Stein. The working class’ vote will go to Trump – the first politician to break out of the mold of the ‘heartless Republican’ who ‘hates the poor’ for a long time.



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