Pin the tail on the donkey: the Dems, then and now

In light of the recent failure of the FBI to indict Hillary Clinton, as well as the nascent race wars that have aided and abetted by the Democratic establishment, it’s useful to take a jaunt into the past to see just how the Democratic Party has arrived at its current corrupt and degraded state.

The Democratic Party was not always the principal vehicle of the Marxist Left in America. It, like all other groups, has undergone ideological reformation. Founded by Thomas Jefferson, the Party for the first part of the nineteenth century was small-government, pro-states’ rights, and economically libertarian.

Nevertheless, there have been certain features of the Party which have remained constant over the centuries, and if we are to gain any understanding of the present state of affairs, we should examine the attitudes which the Democrats have practiced in the past, and continue to practice still:

A ‘plantation mentality’. As every GOP loyalist knows, the Democratic Party was indeed the party of slavery, and later, segregation. This, of course, was not the benign sort of self-segregation that is practiced today. Rather, it was an effort by Democratic politicians to keep black Americans ‘in their place.’

As racial discrimination became unpopular, however, Democrats proceeded to pander to minorities, encouraging them with generous welfare benefits to vote against their self-interest (in other words, the Republican Party). When the white and Jewish-led New Left arose in the 1960s, a wild card was thrown into Democratic politics: white guilt. Hence the same liberal politicians who were personally segregationist pushed forward radical agendas to radically remake America – think of Ted Kennedy and his 1965 Immigration Act, as documented in Ann Coulter’s Adios, America! 

This same white guilt also led to the acceptance of ‘black power’ movements – first the Black Panthers, and now Black Lives Matter. Throughout the transformation of Democratic politics from anti-black to anti-white racism, the Party’s white elite has used and abused minorities as means to an end, keeping them mentally and financially enslaved on an ideological ‘plantation’; and hurling the vilest sort of racist abuse at the brave black or Hispanic American who dares to speak out against Party orthodoxy.

Mob rule. While Thomas Jefferson had his many virtues, he also had his faults, one of which was supporting the mob-fueled, left-wing French Revolution. Whether he did this out of hopeful naivety, or if he had really taken a Left turn, is ultimately inconsequential: from the foundation of the Party, Democrats have relied on mobs to enforce their power.

As Coulter (again!) documents in Demonic, mobs swarmed the White House following the inauguration of Democrat Andrew Jackson; Democratic mobs rampaged through Baltimore during the Civil War; mob-like behavior as practiced by Sixties radicals has become famous: these radicals were all Democrats.

Today the principal mob of the Democrats is Black Lives Matter, who, in the words of David Horowitz, constitute a modern-day ‘lynch mob.’ Such a moniker is more accurate than ever, for this lynch mob has indeed claimed its first victims.

A tolerance of corruption. Why is the symbol of the Democrats a donkey? Although it appeared during the Jackson Presidency (see above), it was popularized in the post-Civil War years by cartoonist Thomas Nast, as a representation of the corruption evident in the Democratic Party.

From “Boss Tweed” at Tammany Hall to Hillary Clinton, the corruption as practiced by the Democrats is breathtaking. Nearly every political scandal in the past century has involved a Democratic official of some capacity. Richard Nixon doesn’t hold a candle to the lies, corruption, and deceit that Democrats accuse Republicans of, yet practice themselves.

With the Democrats’ leftward turn over the past century has also come increasing authoritarianism and blindness to America’s enemies. Whether it is Franklin D. Roosevelt ‘packing’ the Supreme Court, Truman turning a blind eye to Communist spies, Kennedy and the Bay of Pigs, or Obama and ‘Fast and Furious’, the list of treasonous offenses by Democratic politicians, whether out of ignorance or malice, goes on and on.

With these characteristics of the Democratic Party in mind, then, it is no wonder that leading Democratic officials will continue to praise the organization that executes white cops and calls for a socialist-anarchist race war. And it is also not surprising that the Democrats’ Presidential candidate is a career criminal who has just gotten out of a Federal prison sentence, scot-free.


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