America’s time for choosing

This current election, as many on the American Right now suspect, is perhaps the most critical time in our nation’s history since the Founding.

Really? Yes: the Civil War was far more deadly, of course, but it was fought over economic, and later, humanitarian concerns. The issue of states’ rights was just as important; but despite the larger consolidation of the States into the Union following the war, it was not fought over the very character of America itself.

Despite the fiery rhetoric, there existed on both sides a deep respect not only for the other’s military prowess, but also for the Founding documents: the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. Both the South and North even romanticized the conflict following its conclusion, and because the nation was less than a century old, the War Between the States could be seen not as a final conflict, but as a growing pain. Interestingly enough, the South today contains far more patriotic Americans – not Confederates, but Americans – than does the North.

What about World War II? America came to the aid of Europe; Nazis never landed on our shores. We were isolationists, but overnight turned to vengeance once the Japanese wreaked destruction at Pearl Harbor.

We were of one mind during that conflict, united in one goal: to defeat the enemy. Even more importantly, we were one people.

It is now 2016, and our country is at the brink of ruin: not ready to break into warfare that will resolve relatively quickly, but to undergo the far more horrible fate of transformation into a ‘People’s Republic’ – a Third World, Marxist paradise, where Islam-sympathizing rich socialists will rule over a smorgasbord of feuding races and factions, caught forever in the grip of poverty.

Since our heyday of the 1950s, America has been eaten by the outside force of Islamic-fueled terrorism, and has been eaten from within by far deadlier enemies: Marxism, moral relativism, radicalism. Our shores have been thrown open to the masses who might be “poor, tired, huddling” – but who do not wish “to breathe free.” Our President is likely a closet communist, and a not-so-closeted Islam sympathizer: a proponent of the two totalitarian ideologies fundamentally opposed to the very idea of America.

Our borders do not exist, and our culture has been diminished. Our citizens are confused and doubtful, having been sowed the seeds of hatred and cynicism by the institutional Left for decades. My own generation, the Millennials, exemplifies these attitudes perfectly.

Despite this darkness, the recent success of Donald Trump shows it is not too late – yet. There are millions of Americans, who realize it is their sacred duty to defend the last bastion of Christian civilization in the West from the barbarians who wish to destroy us from the inside and out.

Thus in this election, the choice is clear: the odious antics of the #NeverTrump movement notwithstanding, we can choose between giving the Republic Washington desired one last chance – or we can devolve into the darkness of primitive state socialism, from which there is no return.


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