The first post

I suppose I ought to begin by saying as little about myself as possible. I am a Millennial, a right-winger, a Christian, and shortly will be attending a major university in the American South.

I wish for the time being to remain anonymous while writing this blog. The Left is very powerful, even where I live, and I do not wish to jeopardize the livelihoods of anyone I care about. If I eventually decide my views can be expressed with minimal negative retribution, then I will, in time, reveal myself.

My interests are many and varied, but right now I am chiefly focused on Communism and its influences on the contemporary Left. Much of the blog will revolve around this subject.

I do not have a timeframe for how often I will publish. Because creativity comes to me in spurts and I view quality as superior to quantity, my postings will likely be intermittent at best, but I will do my part to ensure they are in-depth and thought-provoking.

I am a great supporter of the presumptive Republican nominee, and I feel as much as many conservatives do in America right now: that if Donald Trump is not elected, a darkness will fall upon our country that will never be lifted.

That being said, I have become disillusioned with the Conservative Movement, when not long ago, I was counted among its faithful. The union of Christian Evangelicals with neoconservatives and economic libertarians has failed: many in these groups right now are deeply opposed to the Trump candidacy on basis of ‘principle,’ but – of course – there’s always more to that story than what meets the eye. For all their fine rhetoric, capital-C conservatives have done nothing – nothing – to prevent America and Western civilization from being overrun with the onslaught of cultural Stalinism and Islam.

Hence my self-imposed designation as a ‘Rightist’ rather than as a conservative.

Because we are at this momentous tipping point in our nation’s history, I feel it is necessary to do everything in my very limited power, along with all other American patriots, to ensure Trump wins the Presidency. This blog, though it might be small, is but my own meager contribution to this effort.


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