Black lives and black lies

There is a curious tendency on the Left to, after a tragic event, shift the blame from the perpetrator of the violence to those on whom the violence was perpetrated.

After the attack on the Orlando nightclub, for instance, the Left did not assign Islam the blame it was due. No: the slaughtered gays were instead killed by a ‘climate’ of ‘hate’ and ‘fear,’ propagated by the Christian Right and NRA. To correctly identify Islam as the originator of the violence was met with shrill cries of ‘Islamophobia!’

Thus the aftermath of the Orlando tragedy was not focused on the abuse of gays by Islam; rather, it became an event to focus on the merits of the ‘Religion of Peace.’

Similarly, following yesterday’s shootings in Dallas, the blame never once touched Black Lives Matter for the crime: BLM instead was emboldened by the attacks, launching massive ‘peaceful’ protests across several major cities in America. They were only aided by the ‘goodwhites’ of the institutional Left, all the way from YouTube down to my Instagram feed. No word was spoken by them in sympathy for the fallen officers.

Instead, all attention on injustice was focused solely on the supposed plight of the two black criminals recently killed while defying the police. All was simply, incomprehensibly, ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER!’

The police have been blamed for the very crime that had been committed against them. Accused of assassinating ‘black bodies,’ the police have become a veritable target for the racist hate speech foisted on them by the agitators of this Black Panthers-style terrorist movement.

How long before this terror ends? When will the black community finally wake up and realize the racial grievance industry that keeps them perpetually ensnared on a plantation of actual hate, fear, and poverty has been foisted on them by the Left? When will the black community regain its Thugood Marshalls, its Booker T. Washingtons, and start emulating the examples of Clarence Thomas and Thomas Sowell, and not Snoop Dog and Lil’ Wayne?

Until the black community confronts the endemic crime, the lack of fatherhood, the extreme poverty, the widespread drug use, and other social ills so prominent therein, they are only doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. If blacks truly do not want to give their  fellow white citizens any grounds for racism towards their community, their methods of dealing with their problems must change – and soon.

Meanwhile, unhappily, the principal agitators in BLM do not want racial peace – they are communists and anarchists who want nothing more than to go to war with Whitey. They form a very dangerous mob – and, in the words of Ann Coulter, the best way to deal with such a mob is to “Overreact!”


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